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11-Sep-2020Dual interfacial characterization and property in multi-material selective laser melting of 316L stainless steel and C52400 copper alloyBai, Y ; Zhang, J ; Zhao, C ; Li, C; Wang, H 
225-Dec-2020Effect of material anisotropy on ultra-precision machining of Ti-6Al-4V alloy fabricated by selective laser meltingNi, Chenbing; Zhu, Lida; Zheng, Zhongpeng; Zhang, Jiayi ; Yang, Yun ; Yang, Jin; Bai, Yuchao ; Weng, Can; Lu, Wen Feng ; Wang, Hao 
31-Sep-2020Effects of machining surface and laser beam scanning strategy on machinability of selective laser melted Ti6Al4V alloy in millingNi, C; Zhu, L; Zheng, Z; Zhang, J ; Yang, Y ; Hong, R ; Bai, Y ; Lu, WF ; Wang, H 
41-Apr-2020Geometrically necessary dislocations distribution in face-centred cubic alloy with varied grain sizeZhang, J ; Wang, B ; Wang, H 
51-Jan-2020Improvement in compressive creep resistance of Al-0.2Zr alloy with L1(2) structured Sc-enriched precipitatesZhang, Jiayi ; Wang, Bin ; Wang, Hao ; Zhang, Chaomin
610-Apr-2021Mechanochemical effect on the microstructure and mechanical properties in ultraprecision machining of AA6061 alloyZhang, Jiayi ; Lee, Yan Jin; Wang, Hao 
720-Nov-2021Microstructure evaluation of shear bands of microcutting chips in AA6061 alloy under the mechanochemical effectZhang, J ; Lee, YJ; Wang, H 
89-Sep-2019Stress corrosion cracking behavior in 2297 Al-Cu-Li alloy at different grain orientationsZHANG JIAYI ; Wang, Bin; Yi, Danqing
931-Aug-2020Surface Texture Transformation in Micro-Cutting of AA6061-T6 with the Rehbinder EffectZHANG JIAYI ; Lee, Yan Jin; WANG HAO 
101-Jan-2020Transmission electron microscopy (TEM) study of anisotropic surface damages in micro-cutting polycrystalline aluminate magnesium spinel (PAMS) crystalsShi, Z; Zhang, J ; Zhao, Q; Guo, B; Wang, H. 
111-Jun-2021Ultra-precision micro-cutting of maraging steel 3J33C under the influence of a surface-active mediumZheng, Zhongpeng; Lee, Yan Jin; Zhang, Jiayi ; Jin, Xin; Wang, Hao