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12017A functional SNP associated with atopic dermatitis controls cell type-specific methylation of the VSTM1 gene locusKumar D.; Puan K.J.; Andiappan A.K.; Lee B.; Westerlaken G.H.A.; Haase D.; Melchiotti R.; Li Z.; Yusof N.; Lum J.; Koh G.; Foo S.; Yeong J.; Alves A.C.; Pekkanen J.; Sun L.D.; Irwanto A.; Fairfax B.P.; Naranbhai V.; Common J.E.A.; Tang M.; Chuang C.K. ; Jarvelin M.-R.; Knight J.C.; Zhang X.; Chew F.T. ; Prabhakar S.; Jianjun L.; Wang D.Y. ; Zolezzi F.; Poidinger M. ; Lane E.B. ; Meyaard L.; Rötzschke O.
21999Binding of integrin α6β4 to plectin prevents plectin association with f-actin but does not interfere with intermediate filament bindingGeerts, D; Fontao, L; Nievers, M.G; Schaapveld, R.Q.J; Purkis, P.E; Wheeler, G.N; Lane, E.B ; Leigh, I.M; Sonnenberg, A
32015Breast cancer resistance protein identifies clonogenic keratinocytes in human interfollicular epidermisMa, D; Chua, A.W.C; Yang, E; Teo, P; Ting, Y; Song, C; Lane, E.B ; Lee, S.T 
42014Erratum: Intestinal cell barrier function in vitro is severely compromised by keratin 8 and 18 mutations identified in patients with inflammatory bowel disease (PLoS ONE (2014) 9, 6 (e99398) DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0099398)Zupancic T.; Stojan J.; Lane E.B. ; Komel R.; Bedina-Zavec A.
52013Generation and Characterisation of Keratin 7 (K7) Knockout MiceSandilands A.; Smith F.J.D.; Lunny D.P.; Campbell L.E.; Davidson K.M.; MacCallum S.F.; Corden L.D.; Christie L.; Fleming S.; Lane E.B. ; McLean W.H.I.
62014Genome-wide linkage, exome sequencing and functional analyses identify ABCB6 as the pathogenic gene of dyschromatosis universalis hereditariaLiu H.; Li Y.; Hung K.K.H.; Wang N.; Wang C.; Chen X.; Sheng D.; Fu X.; See K.; Foo J.N.; Low H.; Liany H.; Irwan I.D.; Liu J.; Yang B.; Chen M.; Yu Y.; Yu G.; Niu G.; You J.; Zhou Y.; Ma S.; Wang T.; Yan X.; Goh B.K.; Common J.E.A.; Lane B.E. ; Sun Y.; Zhou G.; Lu X.; Wang Z.; Tian H.; Cao Y.; Chen S.; Liu Q.; Liu J.; Zhang F.
72004Human keratin 8 mutations that disturb filament assembly observed in inflammatory bowel disease patientsOwens, D.W; Wilson, N.J; Hill, A.J.M; Rugg, E.L; Porter, R.M; Hutcheson, A.M; Quinlan, R.A; van Heel, D; Parkes, M; Jewell, D.P; Campbell, S.S; Ghosh, S; Satsangi, J; Lane, E.B 
82014Intestinal cell barrier function in vitro is severely compromised by keratin 8 and 18 mutations identified in patients with inflammatory bowel diseaseZupancic T.; Stojan J.; Lane E.B. ; Komel R.; Bedina-Zavec A.; Liovic M.
92007Ninein is released from the centrosome and moves bi-directionally along microtubulesMoss, D.K; Bellett, G; Carter, J.M; Liovic, M; Keynton, J; Prescott, A.R; Lane, E.B ; Mogensen, M.M
102017Optical visualisation of thermogenesis in stimulated single-cell brown adipocytesKriszt, R; Arai, S; Itoh, H; Lee, M.H ; Goralczyk, A.G ; Ang, X.M; Cypess, A.M; White, A.P; Shamsi, F; Xue, R; Lee, J.Y ; Lee, S.-C; Hou, Y; Kitaguchi, T; Sudhaharan, T; Ishiwata, S; Lane, E.B ; Chang, Y.-T ; Tseng, Y.-H; Suzuki, M; Raghunath, M 
112008The intermediate filament network in cultured human keratinocytes is remarkably extensible and resilientFudge D.; Russell D.; Beriault D.; Moore W.; Lane E.B. ; Vogl A.W.
122012The mechanical behavior of mutant K14-R125P keratin bundles and networks in NEB-1 keratinocytesBeriault D.R.; Haddad O.; McCuaig J.V.; Robinson Z.J.; Russell D.; Lane E.B. ; Fudge D.S.
132016Transparent crosslinked ultrashort peptide hydrogel dressing with high shape-fidelity accelerates healing of full-thickness excision woundsSeow, W.Y; Salgado, G; Lane, E.B ; Hauser, C.A.E