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Yih Hwai Lee
Lee, Y.H.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12012Bonding through service friendliness: A potential double-edged swordLim, E.A.C.; Lee, Y.H. ; Foo, M.-D.
22003Brand name suggestiveness: A Chinese language perspectiveLee, Y.H. ; Ang, K.S.
32012Brand personality inference: The moderating role of product meaningKum, D.; Bergkvist, L.; Lee, Y.H. ; Leong, S.M. 
42006Do reward programs build loyalty for services?. The moderating effect of satisfaction on type and timing of rewardsKeh, H.T.; Lee, Y.H. 
51-Oct-2021Incentives for learning: How free offers help or hinder motivationYih Hwailee ; Yeung, C.
62003Interference of picture and brand name in a multiple linkage ad contextLee, Y.H. ; Ang, S.H. 
72002Partitioned Pricing in Advertising: Effects on Brand and Retailer AttitudesLee, Y.H. ; Han, C.Y.
82009Processing idioms in advertising discourse: Effects of familiarity, literality, and compositionality on consumer ad responseLim, E.A.C.; Ang, S.H. ; Lee, Y.H. ; Leong, S.M. 
91999Responses to information incongruency in advertising: The role of expectancy, relevancy, and humorLee, Y.H. ; Mason, C.
102009Suppressing feelings: A double-edged sword to consumer judgment and choiceQiu, C.; Lee, Y.H. ; Yeung, C.W.M. 
112011Testing to prevent bad translation: Brand name conversions in Chinese-English contextsKum, D.; Lee, Y.H. ; Qiu, C.
122007The ad creativity cube: conceptualization and initial validationAng, S.H. ; Lee, Y.H. ; Leong, S.M. 
132003The Differential Interaction of Auditory and Visual Advertising Elements with Chinese and EnglishTavassoli, N.T.; Lee, Y.H. 
142004The effect of attribute order on judgment in Chinese and EnglishTavassoli, N.T.; Lee, Y.H. 
152011The joint effects of advertising and product trial: A source-monitoring perspectiveKum, D.; Lee, Y.H. 
162012The joint effects of choice assortment and regulatory focus on choice behaviorSom, A.; Lee, Y.H. 
17Jun-2008What's funny and what's not - The moderating role of cultural orientation in ad humorLee, Y.H. ; Lim, E.A.C. 
182010When good cheer goes unrequited: How emotional receptivity affects evaluation of expressed emotionLee, Y.H. ; Lim, E.A.I.C.
192009When uncertainty brings pleasure: The role of prospect imageability and mental imageryLee, Y.H. ; Qiu, C.