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Chong Poh Kuan
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Poh, K.C.
Chong, P.K.
Chong, P.-K.
Kuan, C.P.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
13-Sep-2010Cathepsin S mediates gastric cancer cell migration and invasion via a putative network of metastasis-associated proteinsYixuan, Y. ; Kiat, L.S. ; Yee, C.L. ; Huiyin, L. ; Yunhao, C. ; Kuan, C.P. ; Hassan, A.; Ting, W.T.; Manuel, S.-T. ; Guan, Y.K.; Pin, L.Y. 
22007Differential expression of novel tyrosine kinase substrates during breast cancer developmentChen, Y. ; Choong, L.-Y. ; Tan, Y.-L.; Shah, N. ; Chong, P.-K. ; Lim, Y.-P. ; Lin, Q. ; Hew, C.-L. ; Philp, R.; Wong, C.-H.; Ang, B.-K.; Loh, M.-C.-S.; Druker, B.J.
33-Aug-2012EGFR S1166 phosphorylation induced by a combination of EGF and gefitinib has a potentially negative impact on lung cancer cell growthAssiddiq, B.F.; Tan, K.Y.; Toy, W. ; Chan, S.P.; Chong, P.K. ; Lim, Y.P. 
42010ITIH3 Is a potential biomarker for early detection of gastric cancerChong, P.K. ; Lee, H.; Zhou, J. ; Liu, S.-C.; Loh, M.C.S. ; Wang, T.T. ; Lim, Y.P. ; Chan, S.P.; Smoot, D.T.; Ashktorab, H.; So, J.B.Y. ; Lim, K.H.; Yeoh, K.G. 
52-Feb-2012Methods For Detection Of Gastric CancerLIM YOON PIN ; CHONG SHIRLY POH KUAN 
6Feb-2009Novel breast cancer metastasis-associated proteinsHo, J. ; Kong, J.-W.-F.; Choong, L.-Y. ; Loh, M.-C.-S.; Toy, W. ; Chong, P.-K. ; Wong, C.-H.; Wong, C.-Y.; Shah, N.; Lim, Y.-P. 
7Nov-2008Phosphoproteomics, oncogenic signaling and cancer researchChong, P.-K. ; Lee, H. ; Kong, J.W.-F.; Loh, M.C.-S.; Wong, C.-H.; Lim, Y.-P. 
8Apr-2007Proteome analysis of Sulfolobus solfataricus P2 propanol metabolismPoh, K.C. ; Burja, A.M.; Radianingtyas, H.; Fazeli, A.; Wright, P.C.
92007Proteome and transcriptional analysis of ethanol-grown Sulfolobus solfataricus P2 reveals ADH2, a potential alcohol dehydrogenaseChong, P.K. ; Burja, A.M.; Radianingtyas, H.; Wright, P.C.; Fazeli, A.
102010Proteome-wide profiling of the MCF10AT breast cancer progression modelChoong, L.Y. ; Lim, S.; Chong, P.K. ; Wong, C.Y.; Shah, N.; Lim, Y.P. 
1116-Jun-2010Reduced plasma APOA1 level is associated with Gastric Tumor Growth in MKN45 mouse xenograft modelChong, P.-K. ; Lee, H. ; Zhou, J. ; Liu, S.-C.; Loh, M.C.S. ; So, J.B.Y.; Lim, K.H.; Yeoh, K.-G.; Lim, Y.-P. 
127-Aug-2009Regulation of macrophage inhibitory factor (MIF) by epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) in the MCF10AT model of breast cancer progressionLim, S.; Choong, L.-Y. ; Chong, P.K. ; Yunhao, C. ; Lim, Y.-P.