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Xiaogang Liu
Liu X
Liu, X.
Liu, Xiaogang
Liu X.
Liu Xiaogang
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
812015Subwavelength imaging through ion-beam-induced upconversionMi, Z ; Zhang, Y; Vanga, S.K ; Chen, C.-B ; Tan, H.Q; Watt, F ; Liu, X ; Bettiol, A.A 
82Jun-2008Superwetting nanowire membranes for selective absorptionYuan, J.; Liu, X. ; Akbulut, O.; Hu, J.; Suib, S.L.; Kong, J.; Stellacci, F.
836-Apr-2009Synthesis of aryl sulfides by decarboxylative C-S cross-couplingsDuan, Z. ; Ranjit, S.; Zhang, P.; Liu, X. 
8417-Sep-2010Synthesis of vinyl sulfides by copper-catalyzed decarboxylative C-S cross-couplingRanjit, S.; Duan, Z.; Zhang, P.; Liu, X. 
852015Temporal full-colour tuning through non-steady-state upconversionDeng R. ; Qin F. ; Chen R.; Huang W.; Hong M. ; Liu X. 
862016The Association of Peroxisome Proliferator-Activated Receptor δ and Additional Gene-Gene Interaction with C-Reactive Protein in Chinese PopulationDing, X.-Y; Yuan, H.-Z; Gu, R; Gaao, Y.-F; Liu, X.-G ; Gao, Y
8726-Dec-2012The effect of surface coating on energy migration-mediated upconversionSu, Q.; Han, S.; Xie, X.; Zhu, H.; Chen, H.; Chen, C.-K.; Liu, R.-S.; Chen, X.; Wang, F.; Liu, X. 
8824-Oct-2011The plasmonic ruler goes 3D!Su, X.; Liu, X. 
899-Apr-2014The quest for photocatalytic systems with broadband solar absorptionHan, S.; Liu, X. 
902016Three-dimensional controlled growth of monodisperse sub-50 nm heterogeneous nanocrystalsLiu, D; Xu, X; Du, Y; Qin, X ; Zhang, Y; Ma, C; Wen, S; Ren, W; Goldys, E.M; Piper, J.A; Dou, S; Liu, X ; Jin, D
912010Tunable upconversion emissions from lanthanide-doped monodisperse β-NaYF4 nanoparticlesWang, F. ; Wang, J.; Xu, J.; Xue, X.; Chen, H.; Liu, X. 
922013Tuning metal-carboxylate coordination in crystalline metal-organic frameworks through surfactant mediaGao, J.; Ye, K.; He, M.; Xiong, W.-W.; Cao, W.; Lee, Z.Y.; Wang, Y.; Wu, T.; Huo, F.; Liu, X. ; Zhang, Q.
93Jul-2010Tuning the shape and thermoelectric property of PbTe nanocrystals by bismuth dopingZhang, Q. ; Sun, T.; Cao, F.; Li, M.; Hong, M. ; Yuan, J.; Yan, Q.; Hng, H.H.; Wu, N.; Liu, X. 
94Dec-2011Tuning upconversion through energy migration in core-shell nanoparticlesWang, F. ; Deng, R.; Wang, J.; Wang, Q.; Han, Y.; Zhu, H.; Chen, X.; Liu, X. 
951-Sep-2009Ultrasensitive and selective colorimetric dna detection by nicking endonuclease assisted. Nanoparticle amplificationXu, W.; Xue, X.; Li, T.; Zeng, H. ; Liu, X. 
9625-Jun-2012Ultrasensitive colorimetric DNA detection using a combination of rolling circle amplification and nicking endonuclease-assisted nanoparticle amplification (NEANA)Xu, W.; Xie, X.; Li, D.; Yang, Z.; Li, T.; Liu, X. 
9717-Dec-2008Up- and down-conversion cubic zirconia and hafnia nanobeltsJiang, C. ; Wang, F. ; Wu, N.; Liu, X. 
982019Upconversion amplification through dielectric superlensing modulationLiang, L. ; Teh, D.B.L. ; Dinh, N.-D.; Chen, W.; Chen, Q. ; Wu, Y. ; Chowdhury, S.; Yamanaka, A.; Sum, T.C.; Chen, C.-H. ; Thakor, N.V. ; All, A.H.; Liu, X. 
9930-Apr-2008Upconversion multicolor fine-tuning: Visible to near-infrared emission from lanthanide-doped NaYF4 nanoparticlesWang, F. ; Liu, X. 
100Aug-2010Upconversion nanoparticles in biological labeling, imaging, and therapyWang, F. ; Banerjee, D. ; Liu, Y.; Chen, X.; Liu, X.