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Liu, Xiaogang
Liu X.
Liu Xiaogang
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12016A bivariate genome-wide association study identifies ADAM12 as a novel susceptibility gene for Kashin-Beck diseaseHao, J; Wang, W; Wen, Y; Xiao, X; He, A; Guo, X; Yang, T; Liu, X ; Shen, H ; Chen, X; Tian, Q; Deng, H.-W; Zhang, F
22011Copy number variation in CNP267 region may be associated with hip bone sizeLiu S.-L.; Lei S.-F.; Yang F.; Li X.; Liu R.; Nie S.; Liu X.-G. ; Yang T.-L.; Guo Y.; Deng F.-Y.; Tian Q.; Li J.; Liu Y.-Z.; Liu Y.-J.; Shen H. ; Deng H.-W.
32009Genome-Wide association analyses identify SPOCKas a key novel gene underlying age at menarcheLiu Y.-Z.; Guo Y.-F.; Wang L.; Tan L.-J.; Liu X.-G. ; Pei Y.-F.; Yan H.; Xiong D.-H.; Deng F.-Y.; Yu N.; Zhang Y.-P.; Zhang L.; Lei S.-F.; Chen X.-D.; Liu H.-B.; Zhu X.-Z.; Levy S.; Papasian C.J.; Drees B.M.; Hamilton J.J.; Recker R.R.; Deng H.-W.
42010Genome-wide association study identifies ALDH7A1 as a novel susceptibility gene for osteoporosisGuo Y.; Tan L.-J.; Lei S.-F.; Yang T.-L.; Chen X.-D.; Zhang F.; Chen Y.; Pan F.; Yan H.; Liu X.; Tian Q.; Zhang Z.-X.; Zhou Q.; Qiu C.; Dong S.-S.; Xu X.-H.; Guo Y.-F.; Zhu X.-Z.; Liu S.-L. ; Wang X.-L.; Li X.; Luo Y.; Zhang L.-S.; Li M.; Wang J.-T.; Wen T.; Drees B.; Hamilton J.; Papasian C.J.; Recker R.R.; Song X.-P.; Cheng J.; Deng H.-W.
52008Identification of PLCL1 gene for hip bone size variation in females in a genome-wide association studyLiu Y.-Z.; Wilson S.G.; Wang L.; Liu X.-G. ; Guo Y.-F.; Li J.; Yan H.; Deloukas P.; Soranzo N.; Chinnapen-Horsley U.; Cervino A.; Williams F.M.; Xiong D.-H.; Zhang Y.-P.; Jin T.-B.; Levy S.; Papasian C.J.; Drees B.M.; Hamilton J.J.; Recker R.R.; Spector T.D.; Deng H.-W.
62016In vivo covalent cross-linking of photon-converted rare-earth nanostructures for tumour localization and theranosticsAi X.; Ho C.J.H.; Aw J.; Attia A.B.E.; Mu J.; Wang Y.; Wang X.; Wang Y.; Liu X. ; Chen H.; Gao M.; Chen X.; Yeow E.K.L.; Liu G.; Olivo M.; Xing B.
72011Pathway-based association analyses identified TRAIL pathway for osteoporotic fracturesZhang Y.-P.; Liu Y.-Z.; Guo Y.; Liu X.-G. ; Xu X.-H.; Guo Y.-F.; Chen Y.; Zhang F.; Pan F.; Zhu X.-Z.; Deng H.-W.
82009Powerful bivariate Genome-wide association analyses suggest the SOX6 gene influencing both obesity and osteoporosis phenotypes in malesLiu Y.-Z.; Pei Y.-F.; Liu J.-F.; Yang F.; Guo Y.; Zhang L.; Liu X.-G. ; Yan H.; Wang L.; Zhang Y.-P.; Levy S.; Recker R.R.; Deng H.-W.
92016The Association of Peroxisome Proliferator-Activated Receptor δ and Additional Gene-Gene Interaction with C-Reactive Protein in Chinese PopulationDing, X.-Y; Yuan, H.-Z; Gu, R; Gaao, Y.-F; Liu, X.-G ; Gao, Y