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12016A bivariate genome-wide association study identifies ADAM12 as a novel susceptibility gene for Kashin-Beck diseaseHao, J; Wang, W; Wen, Y; Xiao, X; He, A; Guo, X; Yang, T; Liu, X ; Shen, H ; Chen, X; Tian, Q; Deng, H.-W; Zhang, F
22002A whole-genome linkage scan suggests several genomic regions potentially containing quantitative trait loci for osteoporosisDeng, H.-W; Xu, F.-H; Huang, Q.-Y; Shen, H ; Deng, H; Conway, T; Liu, Y.-J; Liu, Y.-Z; Li, J.-L; Zhang, H.-T; Davies, K.M; Recker, R.R
32013Age and CD161 Expression Contribute to Inter-Individual Variation in Interleukin-23 Response in CD8+ Memory Human T CellsShen H. ; Zhang W.; Abraham C.; Cho J.H.
42013Bivariate Genome-Wide Association Analyses Identified Genes with Pleiotropic Effects for Femoral Neck Bone Geometry and Age at MenarcheRan S.; Pei Y.-F.; Liu Y.-J.; Zhang L.; Han Y.-Y.; Hai R.; Tian Q.; Lin Y.; Yang T.-L.; Guo Y.-F.; Shen H. ; Thethi I.S.; Zhu X.-Z.; Deng H.-W.
52018Cellular and molecular responses of Dunaliella tertiolecta by expression of a plant medium chain length fatty acid specific acyl-ACP thioesteraseLin H. ; Shen H. ; Lee Y.K. 
62010Comment on "Development of murine lupus involves the combined genetic contribution of the SLAM and Fc?R intervals within the Nba2 autoimmune susceptibility locus"Choubey, D; Panchanathan, R; Shen, H ; Duan, X
72013Comprehensive Characterization of Human Genome Variation by High Coverage Whole-Genome Sequencing of Forty Four CaucasiansShen H. ; Li J.; Zhang J.; Xu C.; Jiang Y.; Wu Z.; Zhao F.; Liao L.; Chen J.; Lin Y.; Tian Q.; Papasian C.J.; Deng H.-W.
82011Copy number variation in CNP267 region may be associated with hip bone sizeLiu S.-L.; Lei S.-F.; Yang F.; Li X.; Liu R.; Nie S.; Liu X.-G. ; Yang T.-L.; Guo Y.; Deng F.-Y.; Tian Q.; Li J.; Liu Y.-Z.; Liu Y.-J.; Shen H. ; Deng H.-W.
92005Differential expression of splice variant and wild-type parkin in sporadic Parkinson's diseaseTan E.K. ; Shen H. ; Tan J.M.M.; Lim K.L. ; Fook-Chong S. ; Hu W.P.; Paterson M.C. ; Chandran V.R.; Yew K.; Tan C. ; Yuen Y. ; Pavanni R. ; Wong M.C. ; Puvan K.; Zhao Y.
102017Elevated acetyl-CoA by amino acid recycling fuels microalgal neutral lipid accumulation in exponential growth phase for biofuel productionYao L.; Shen H. ; Wang N.; Tatlay J.; Li L.; Tan T.W. ; Lee Y.K. 
112013Enhanced characteristics of genetically modified switchgrass (Panicum virgatum L.) for high biofuel productionShen, H ; Poovaiah, C.R; Ziebell, A; Tschaplinski, T.J; Pattathil, S; Gjersing, E; Engle, N.L; Katahira, R; Pu, Y; Sykes, R; Chen, F; Ragauskas, A.J; Mielenz, J.R; Hahn, M.G; Davis, M; Stewart, C.N; Dixon, R.A
122015Expression and clinical significance of c-Met in advanced esophageal squamous cell carcinomaXu, Y; Peng, Z; Li, Z; Lu, M; Gao, J; Li, Y; Li, Y; Shen, L 
132012First report on the occurrence of Rickettsia slovaca and Rickettsia raoultii in Dermacentor silvarum in ChinaTian, Z.-C; Liu, G.-Y; Shen, H ; Xie, J.-R; Luo, J; Tian, M.-Y
142015Genetic analysis identifies DDR2 as a novel gene affecting bone mineral density and osteoporotic fractures in Chinese populationGuo Y.; Yang T.-L.; Dong S.-S.; Yan H.; Hao R.-H.; Chen X.-F.; Chen J.-B.; Tian Q.; Li J.; Shen H. ; Deng H.-W.
152011Genetic association study of common mitochondrial variants on body fat massYang T.-L.; Guo Y.; Shen H. ; Lei S.-F.; Liu Y.-J.; Li J.; Liu Y.-Z.; Yu N.; Chen J.; Xu T.; Cheng Y.; Tian Q.; Yu P.; Papasian C.J.; Deng H.-W.
162012Genome-Scale Discovery of DNA-Methylation Biomarkers for Blood-Based Detection of Colorectal CancerLange C.P.E.; Campan M.; Hinoue T.; Schmitz R.F.; van der Meulen-de Jong A.E.; Slingerland H.; Kok P.J.M.J.; van Dijk C.M.; Weisenberger D.J.; Shen H. ; Tollenaar R.A.E.M.; Laird P.W.
172011Genome-scale screen for DNA methylation-based detection markers for ovarian cancerCampan M.; Moffitt M.; Houshdaran S.; Shen H. ; Widschwendter M.; Daxenbichler G.; Long T.; Marth C.; Laird-Offringa I.A.; Press M.F.; Dubeau L.; Siegmund K.D.; Wu A.H.; Groshen S.; Chandavarkar U.; Roman L.D.; Berchuck A.; Pearce C.L.; Laird P.W.
182012Genome-Wide Association Study Identified CNP12587 Region Underlying Height Variation in Chinese FemalesZhang Y.-P.; Deng F.-Y.; Yang T.-L.; Zhang F.; Chen X.-D.; Shen H. ; Zhu X.-Z.; Tian Q.; Deng H.-W.
192012Genome-wide association study of copy number variants suggests ltbp1 and fgd4 are important for alcohol drinkingPei Y.-F.; Zhang L.; Yang T.-L.; Han Y.; Hai R.; Ran S.; Tian Q.; Shen H. ; Li J.; Zhu X.-Z.; Luo X.; Deng H.-W.
202012Genome-Wide Pathway Association Studies of Multiple Correlated Quantitative Phenotypes Using Principle Component AnalysesZhang F.; Guo X.; Wu S.; Han J.; Liu Y.; Shen H. ; Deng H.-W.