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Lim, Gloria
Lim, G.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11984A comparison of fungi from polluted waterTan, T.K. ; Lim, G. 
2Feb-1991Characterization of an effective Frankia (ISU 0224887) isolated from nodules of Gymnostoma sumatranumSavouré, A.; Lim, G. 
3Nov-1982Damping-off of Brassica seedlingsLim, G. ; See, G.K.
4Nov-1988Differential response in growth and mycorrhizal colonisation of soybean to inoculation with two isolates of Glomus clarum in soils of different P availabilityLouis, I.; Lim, G. 
5Dec-1986Effect of carbon source on aroma production by Trichoderma virideYong, F.M.; Lim, G. 
6Jun-1985Effect of nitrogen source on aroma production by Trichoderma virideYong, F.M. ; Wong, H.A.; Lim, G. 
7May-1983Effects of water pollution on fungi of submerged organic debrisTan, T.K. ; Lim, G. 
8Mar-1985Extracellular enzymes of some black aspergilli in SingaporeLim, G. ; Khew, E.; Yeoh, H.H. 
91988Influence of spore density and extracellular conidial matrix on spore germination in Colletotrichum capsiciLouis, I.; Chew, A.; Lim, G. 
10Nov-1986Mycological research in SingaporeLim, G. ; Tan, T.K. 
111982Nodulation status of the Leguminosae.Lim, G. ; Burton, J.C.
12Dec-1988Properties of β-glucosidase purified from Aspergillus nigerYeoh, H.H. ; Tan, T.K. ; Chua, S.L.; Lim, G. 
131987Rapid extraction method for reproducible analysis of aroma volatilesKok, M.F.; Yong, F.M. ; Lim, G. 
141989The fungal problem in buildings in the humid tropicsLim, G. ; Tan, T.K. ; Toh, A.
15Sep-1987Variations in amylase and protease activities among Rhizopus isolatesLim, G. ; Tan, T.K. ; Rahim, N.A.