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Barlow,Philip John
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Barlow, P.
Barlow, P.J.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Dec-2004Antioxidant activity and phenolic content of selected fruit seedsSoong, Y.-Y.; Barlow, P.J. 
22002Antioxidant capacity in Ginkgo bilobaGoh, L.M.; Barlow, P.J. 
38-Jan-2005Bioaccumulation of DDT pesticide in cultured Asian seabass following dietary exposureBayen, S.; Giusti, P.; Lee, H.K. ; Barlow, P.J. ; Obard, J.P.
42005Bioavailability of vitamin D2 from irradiated mushrooms: An in vivo studyJasinghe, V.J.; Perera, C.O. ; Barlow, P.J. 
52006Characterisation of volatile compounds in selected citrus fruits from AsiaDharmawan, J.; Barlow, P.J. ; Curran, P.
6Jun-2005Dietary practices of adolescents in Singapore and MalaysiaLew, K.; Barlow, P.J. 
727-Feb-2005Effect of cooking on the loss of persistent organic pollutants from salmonBayen, S.; Barlow, P. ; Lee, H.K. ; Obbard, J.P. 
82007Effect of different pre-treatments of fresh coconut kernels on some of the quality attributes of the coconut milk extractedWaisundara, V.Y.; Perera, C.O. ; Barlow, P.J. 
915-Jul-2010Evaluation of commercially available rapid test kits for the determination of oil quality in deep-frying operationsBansal, G.; Zhou, W. ; Barlow, P.J. ; Joshi, P.; Neo, F.L.; Lo, H.L.
10Aug-2003Examination of antioxidant activity of Ginkgo biloba leaf infusionsGoh, L.M.; Barlow, P.J. ; Yong, C.S.
11Jun-2004Flavonoid recovery and stability from Ginkgo biloba subjected to a simulated digestion processGoh, L.M.L.; Barlow, P.J. 
122006Foaming, emulsification and gelation properties of the molecular fractions of a soy isolateTay, S.L.; Perera, C.O. ; Barlow, P.J. ; Kasapis, S.
139-Aug-2006Functional and structural properties of 2S soy protein in relation to other molecular protein fractionsSok, L.T.; Kasapis, S. ; Perera, C.O. ; Barlow, P.J. 
142-Sep-2005Isolation and structure elucidation of phenolic compounds from longan (Dimocarpus longan Lour.) seed by high-performance liquid chromatography- electrospray ionization mass spectrometrySoong, Y.Y.; Barlow, P.J. 
1515-Jul-2010Performance of palm olein in repeated deep frying and controlled heating processesBansal, G.; Zhou, W. ; Barlow, P.J. ; Lo, H.-L.; Neo, F.-L.
16Aug-2006Quantification of gallic acid and ellagic acid from longan (Dimocarpus longan Lour.) seed and mango (Mangifera indica L.) kernel and their effects on antioxidant activitySoong, Y.-Y.; Barlow, P.J. 
17Jun-2010Review of rapid tests available for measuring the quality changes in frying oils and comparison with standard methodsBansal, G.; Zhou, W. ; Barlow, P.J. ; Joshi, P.S.; Lo, H.L.; Chung, Y.K.
1829-Sep-2006Single laboratory validation of a method for the determination of Bisphenol A, Bisphenol A diglycidyl ether and its derivatives in canned foods by reversed-phase liquid chromatographySun, C.; Leong, L.P. ; Barlow, P.J. ; Chan, S.H.; Bloodworth, B.C.
191-Jun-2006Vitamin D2 from irradiated mushrooms significantly increases femur bone mineral density in ratsJasinghe, V.J.; Perera, C.O. ; Barlow, P.J. 
202006Vitamin D2from irradiated mushrooms significantly increases femur bone mineral density in ratsJasinghe, V.J. ; Perera, C.O. ; Barlow, P.J.