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Lai Peng Leong
Peng, L.L.
Leong, L.P.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
13-Sep-2004An improved method for the analysis of major antioxidants of Hibiscus esculentus LinnShui, G. ; Peng, L.L. 
22002An investigation of antioxidant capacity of fruits in Singapore marketsLeong, L.P. ; Shui, G. 
32-Jan-2004Analysis of polyphenolic antioxidants in star fruit using liquid chromatography and mass spectrometryShui, G. ; Leong, L.P. 
42006Antioxidant activities of aqueous extracts of selected plantsWong, S.P.; Leong, L.P. ; William Koh, J.H.
529-Dec-2004Characterization of antioxidants and change of antioxidant levels during storage of Manilkara zapota L.Shui, G. ; Wong, S.P.; Leong, L.P. 
62015Identification of edible birds nest with amino acid and monosaccharide analysisChua, Y.G. ; Chan, S.H.; Bloodworth, B.C.; Li, S.F.Y. ; Leong, L.P. 
713-Apr-2006Investigation of the influence of hydroxy groups on the radical scavenging ability of polyphenolsThavasi, V. ; Leong, L.P. ; Bettens, R.P.A. 
830-Jun-2014Metabolite profiling of edible bird's nest using gas chromatography/mass spectrometry and liquid chromatography/mass spectrometryChua, Y.G.; Bloodworth, B.C.; Leong, L.P. ; Li, S.F.Y. 
92005Modeling the maillard reaction: Schiff base formationLeong, L.P. ; Bettens, R.P.A. 
102005Rapid screening and characterisation of antioxidants of Cosmos caudatus using liquid chromatography coupled with mass spectrometryShui, G. ; Leong, L.P. ; Shih, P.W.
112006Residue from star fruit as valuable source for functional food ingredients and antioxidant nutraceuticalsShui, G. ; Leong, L.P. 
1223-Feb-2005Screening and identification of antioxidants in biological samples using high-performance liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry and its application on Salacca edulis ReinwShui, G. ; Leong, L.P. 
1315-Nov-2002Separation and determination of organic acids and phenolic compounds in fruit juices and drinks by high-performance liquid chromatographyShui, G. ; Leong, L.P. 
1429-Sep-2006Single laboratory validation of a method for the determination of Bisphenol A, Bisphenol A diglycidyl ether and its derivatives in canned foods by reversed-phase liquid chromatographySun, C.; Leong, L.P. ; Barlow, P.J. ; Chan, S.H.; Bloodworth, B.C.
1513-Feb-2012Synthesis of a novel BODIPY library and its application in the discovery of a fructose sensorZhai, D.; Lee, S.-C.; Vendrell, M.; Leong, L.P. ; Chang, Y.-T. 
162-Apr-2009Temperature and solvent effects on radical scavenging ability of phenols velmurugan thavasiTavasi, V. ; Bettens, R.P.A. ; Leong, L.P. 
1715-Aug-2011Temperature and time effects on the structural properties of a non-aqueous ethyl cellulose topical drug delivery systemBruno, L.; Kasapis, S.; Chaudhary, V.; Chow, K.T.; Heng, P.W.S. ; Leong, L.P. 
1814-Jun-2007The conformers of hydroxyacetaldehydeFan, Y.; Leong, L.P. ; Bettens, R.P.A. 
192019The development and evaluation of a diet quality index for asian toddlers and its perinatal correlates: The GUSTO cohort studyChen L.-W. ; Fung S.M. ; Fok D.; Leong L.P. ; Toh J.Y.; Lim H.X.; Pang W.W. ; Tan K.H.; Chong Y.-S. ; Yap F.; Godfrey K.M.; Lee Y.S. ; Chong M.F.-F. 
20Oct-2003The millimeter- and submillimeter-wave spectrum of the trans-trans conformer of diethyl ether (C2H5OC2H 5)Medvedev, I.; Winnewisser, M.; De Lucia, F.C.; Herbst, E.; Yi, E. ; Leong, L.P. ; Bettens, R.P.A. ; BiałKowska-Jaworska, E.; Desyatnyk, O.; Pszczółkowski, L.; Kisiel, Z.