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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Jul-2005A fundamental approach for the estimation of the mechanical glass transition temperature in gelatinKasapis, S. ; Sablani, S.S.
2May-2008Application of the synthetic polymer approach to the glass transition of fruit leathersTorley, P.J.; de Boer, J.; Bhandari, B.R.; Kasapis, S. ; Shrinivas, P.; Jiang, B. 
3Jan-2008Beyond the free volume theory: Introduction of the concept of cooperativity to the chain dynamics of biopolymers during vitrificationKasapis, S. 
4Jan-2005Bridging the divide between the high- and low-solid analyses in the gelatin/κ-carrageenan mixtureKasapis, S. ; Al-Marhoobi, I.M.
5May-2006Building on the WLF/free volume framework: Utilization of the coupling model in the relaxation dynamics of the gelatin/cosolute systemKasapis, S. 
6Jan-2008Characterization of volatile compounds in selected citrus fruits from Asia - Part II: Peel oilDharmawan, J.; Kasapis, S. ; Curran, P.
7May-2007Characterization of volatile compounds in selected citrus fruits from Asia. Part I: Freshly-squeezed juiceDharmawan, J.; Kasapis, S. ; Curran, P.; Johnson, J.R.
8May-2007Composition characterisation and thermal transition of date pits powdersRahman, M.S.; Kasapis, S. ; Al-Kharusi, N.S.Z.; Al-Marhubi, I.M.; Khan, A.J.
9Mar-2006Definition and applications of the network glass transition temperatureKasapis, S. 
10Sep-2005Development of a date confectionery: Part 1. Relating formulation to instrumental textureAl-Rawahi, A.S.; Kasapis, S. ; Al-Bulushi, I.M.
111-Sep-2006Development of a date confectionery: Part 2. Relating instrumental texture to sensory evaluationAl-Rawahi, A.; Kasapis, S. ; Al-Maamari, S.; Al-Saadi, A.
1229-Aug-2005Direct imaging of the changing polysaccharide network at high levels of co-soluteAl-Amri, I.S.; Al-Adawi, K.M.; Al-Marhoobi, I.M.; Kasapis, S. 
13Apr-2007Effect of aging and ice structuring proteins on the morphology of frozen hydrated gluten networksKontogiorgos, V.; Goff, H.D.; Kasapis, S. 
14Aug-2008Effect of aging and ice-structuring proteins on the physical properties of frozen flour-water mixturesKontogiorgos, V.; Goff, H.D.; Kasapis, S. 
15Jul-2006Effect of barley β-glucan concentration on the microstructural and mechanical behaviour of acid-set sodium caseinate gelsKontogiorgos, V.; Ritzoulis, C.; Biliaderis, C.G.; Kasapis, S. 
162008Fluorescence enhancement of coordination polymeric gelLeong, W.L. ; Tam, A.Y.-Y.; Batabyal, S.K. ; Koh, L.W.; Kasapis, S. ; Yam, V.W.-W.; Vittal, J.J. 
1710-Oct-2008Fluorescent magnesium(II) coordination polymeric hydrogelLeong, W.L. ; Batabyal, S.K. ; Kasapis, S. ; Vittal, J.J. 
189-Aug-2006Functional and structural properties of 2S soy protein in relation to other molecular protein fractionsSok, L.T.; Kasapis, S. ; Perera, C.O. ; Barlow, P.J. 
1921-Mar-2005Further evidence of the changing nature of biopolymer networks in the presence of sugarAl-Marhoobi, I.M.; Kasapis, S. 
202006Glass transition and water activity of freeze-dried sharkSablani, S.; Kasapis, S.