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Yu Hongbin
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Yu, H.B.
Hongbin, Y.
Yu, H.


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12012A compact circumferential scanned endoscopic imaging probe using a MEMS-driven pyramidal polygon reflectorMu, X.J.; Zhou, G. ; Yu, H.B. ; Du, Y. ; Feng, H.H.; Tsai, J.M.L.; Chau, F.S. 
216-Mar-2009A liquid-filled tunable double-focus microlensYu, H.B. ; Zhou, G.Y. ; Chau, F.S. ; Lee, F.W.; Wang, S.H.; Leung, H.M.
316-Feb-2009A MEMS-based resonant-scanning lamellar grating Fourier transform micro-spectrometer with laser reference systemLee, F.; Zhou, G. ; Yu, H. ; Chau, F.S. 
42010A miniaturized lamellar grating based Fourier transform spectrometer with electrostatic actuationShouhua, W.; Hongbin, Y. ; Siong, C.F. 
51-Oct-2008A tunable Shack-Hartmann wavefront sensor based on a liquid-filled microlens arrayHongbin, Y. ; Guangya, Z. ; Siong, C.F. ; Feiwen, L.; Shouhua, W.
61-Nov-2008A variable optical attenuator based on optofluidic technologyHongbin, Y. ; Guangya, Z. ; Siong, C.F. ; Feiwen, L.
71-May-2008An electromagnetically driven lamellar grating based Fourier transform microspectrometerHongbin, Y. ; Guangya, Z. ; Siong, C.F. ; Feiwen, L.; Shouhua, W.; Mingsheng, Z.
82012An electrostatically-driven MEMS tunable miniature iris diaphragmYu, H. ; Zhou, G. ; Chau, F.S. 
911-Oct-2010An in-plane nano-mechanics approach to achieve reversible resonance control of photonic crystal nanocavitiesChew, X.; Zhou, G. ; Yu, H. ; Chau, F.S. ; Deng, J.; Loke, Y.C.; Tang, X.
1012-Mar-2012Compact MEMS-driven pyramidal polygon reflector for circumferential scanned endoscopic imaging probeMu, X.; Zhou, G. ; Yu, H. ; Du, Y. ; Feng, H.; Tsai, J.M.L.; Chau, F.S. 
112013Deformable mold based on-demand microchannel fabrication technologyYu, H. ; Zhou, G. 
122009Design and characterization of a fourier transform micro-spectrometerWang, S.H.; Yu, H.B. ; Chau, F.S. ; Tang, X.S.
132009Development of liquid tunable diffractive/refractive hybrid lens based on combination of diamond turning and soft lithographyLeung, H.M.; Yu, H. ; Zhou, G. ; Kumar, A.S. ; Chau, F.S. 
142010Diamond turning and soft lithography processes for liquid tunable lensesLeung, H.M.; Zhou, G. ; Yu, H. ; Chau, F.S. ; Kumar, A.S. 
15Jan-2013Erratum: Nano-tribometer integrated with a nano-photonic displacement-sensing mechanism (Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering (2011) 21 (065014))Yu, H. ; Zhou, G. ; Chew, X.; Sinha, S.K. ; Chau, F.S. 
161-Nov-2009Fabrication and characterization of PDMS microlenses based on elastomeric molding technologyYu, H. ; Zhou, G. ; Chau, F.S. ; Lee, F.
172008Fano resonance phenomenon utilizing photonic crystal rods for tunable filter applicationsChew, X.; Zhou, G. ; Yu, H. ; Chau, F.S. 
18Apr-2010Lens integrated with self-aligned variable aperture using pneumatic actuation methodYu, H. ; Zhou, G. ; Sinha, S.K. ; Chau, F.S. ; Wang, S.
19Sep-2009Lens with transformable-type and tunable-focal-length characteristicsHongbin, Y. ; Guangya, Z. ; Siong, C.F. ; Shouhua, W.
2015-Sep-2009Liquid tunable diffractive/refractive hybrid lensZhou, G. ; Leung, H.M.; Yu, H. ; Kumar, A.S. ; Chau, F.S.