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Yong Meng Teo
Teo, Y.-M.
Yong, M.T.
Teo, Yong-Meng
Teo, Yong Meng
Teo, Y.M.


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12005A bivalency proof of the lower bound for uniform consensusWang, X.; Teo, Y.M. ; Cao, J.
22004A compensation-based scheduling scheme for grid computingTeo, Y.M. ; Wang, X. ; Gozali, J.P.
32010A distributed market framework for large-scale resource sharingMihailescu, M. ; Teo, Y.M. 
42005A framework for formalization and strictness analysis of simulation event orderingsTeo, Y.M. ; Onggo, B.S.S. 
52003A globally optimized checkpointing scheme for time warpTay, S.C. ; Teo, Y.M. 
62011A performance study of peer-assisted file distribution with heterogeneous swarmsCarbunaru, C.; Teo, Y.M. ; Leong, B. 
72011A practical approach for performance analysis of shared-memory programsTudor, B.M.; Teo, Y.M. 
82011A Read-Only Distributed Hash TableMarch, V. ; Teo, Y.M. 
92009A strategy-proof pricing scheme for multiple resource type allocationsTeo, Y.M. ; Mihailescu, M. 
102009A time-based formalism for the validation of semantic composabilitySzabo, C.; Teo, Y.M. ; See, S.
112008Achieving high-bandwidth peer-to-peer file distributionTeo, M.; Carbunaru, C.; Leong, B. ; Nataraj, Y.; Vu, H.M.L.; Tan, R. ; Teo, Y.M. 
122004ALiCE: A scalable runtime infrastructure for high performance grid computingTeo, Y.-M. ; Wang, X.
132006An adaptive stabilization framework for distributed hash tablesGhinita, G.; Yong, M.T. 
142012An analysis of the cost of validating semantic composabilitySzabo, C.; Teo, Y.M. 
152011An analysis of the cost of validating semantic composabilitySzabo, C.; Teo, Y.M. 
162009An approach for matching communication patterns in parallel applicationsMa, C.; Teo, Y.M. ; March, V. ; Xiongy, N.; Pop, I.R.; He, Y.X.; See, S.
172009An approach for validation of semantic composability in simulation modelsSzabo, C.; Teo, Y.M. 
182004An approach to achieve message efficient early-stopping uniform consensus protocolsWang, X. ; Cao, J.; Teo, Y.M. 
192011An approach to semantic-based model discovery and selectionSzabo, C.; Teo, Y.M. 
202009An approach to vickrey-based resource allocation in the presence of monopolistic sellersPham, H.N.; Teo, Y.M. ; Thoai, N.; Nguyen, T.A.