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Verdi March
(not current staff)
March, V.
Verdi, M.


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12011A Read-Only Distributed Hash TableMarch, V. ; Teo, Y.M. 
22009An approach for matching communication patterns in parallel applicationsMa, C.; Teo, Y.M. ; March, V. ; Xiongy, N.; Pop, I.R.; He, Y.X.; See, S.
32010Batch scheduler for personal multi-core systemsGupta, P.; Atrey, T.; Garg, M.; March, V. ; See, S.C.W.
42005Collision detection and resolution in hierarchical peer-to-peer systemsMarch, V. ; Teo, Y.M. ; Lim, H.B.; Eriksson, P.; Ayani, R.
52009Data mining analysis to validate performance tuning practices for HPLTan, T.Z.; Mong Goh, R.S.; March, V. ; See, S.
62007DGRID: A DHT-based resource indexing and discovery scheme for computational gridsMarch, V. ; Teo, Y.M. ; Wang, X. 
72010Evaluation of a performance model of lustre file systemZhao, T.; March, V. ; Dong, S.; See, S.
82006Multi-attribute range queries on read-only DHTMarch, V. ; Teo, Y.M. 
92009Performance comparison of four-socket server architecture on HPC workloadKasim, H.; March, V. ; See, S.
102011Performance evaluation and relative predictive model of parallel file systemZhao, T.-Z.; Dong, S.-B.; Verdi, M. ; See, S.
112011Predicting the parallel file system performance via machine learningZhao, T.; Dong, S.; March, V. ; See, S.
122009Research on the performance of xVM virtual machine based on HPCCZhao, T.; Ding, Y.; March, V. ; Dong, S.; See, S.
132008Survey on parallel programming modelKasim, H.; March, V. ; Zhang, R.; See, S.