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Chan Leung Kwok,Clement
Chan, C.L.
Chan, C.L.K.
Chan, Clement L.K.
Chan Clement, L.K.
Chan, L.K.
Chan, C.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11998A new molecular variant of luteinizing hormone associated with female infertilityLiao, W.-X. ; Roy, A.C. ; Chan, C. ; Arulkumaran, S. ; Ratnam, S.S. 
21993A new treatment of menorrhagia using GnRH-agonist cyclically without prolonged down-regulation and loss of bone density: A case studyChan, C.L.K. ; Ng, S.C. ; Ratnam, S.S. 
31992Adoption in utero is the wrong term [22]Marshall, B.M.S.; Ng, S.C. ; Chan, C.L.K. ; Ratnam, S.S. 
42001Balloon endometrial thermoablation--an alternative management of adenomyosis with menorrhagia and dysmenorrhoea.Chan, C.L. ; Annapoorna, V.; Roy, A.C. ; Ng, S.C. 
51997Chronic low-dose follicle-stimulating hormone compared with clomiphene/human menopausal gonadotropin for induction of ovulationYong, E.L. ; Ng, S.C. ; Chan, C.L.K. ; Kumar, J. ; Teo, L.S.; Ratnam, S.S. 
61988Contributions to reproductive medicine through in-vitro fertilization: a review.Ng, S.C.; Ratnam, S.S. ; Bongso, A.; Goh, H.H. ; Wong, P.C.; Chan, L.K. ; Hagglund, L. ; Hamilton, M.P.
71991Endocrinological profiles and endometrial dating using micronised progesterone (Utrogestan®) in the cyclic steroid treatment with therapy (CSRT)Chan, C.L.K. ; Ng, S.C. ; Goh, V. ; Bongso, T.A. ; Devandra, S.; Ratnam, S.S. 
8Nov-1990Future of assisted reproductive technologies.Ng, S.C. ; Bongso, T.A. ; Chan, C.L. ; Hagglund, L. ; Devendra, S. ; Soon, S.B. ; Ratnam, S.S. 
9Apr-1988Gamete intrafallopian transfer (GIFT): an alternate method of conception in couples with unexplained infertility, endometriosis and oligo-asthenospermia.Wong, P.C.; Chan, C.L. ; Hamilton, M.P.; Ng, S.C.; Bongso, A.; Wong, Y.C.; Anadakumar, C. ; Goh, V. ; Ratnam, S.S. 
101995Is there any progress in microsurgery?Chan, Clement L.K. ; Ratnam, S.S. 
11Nov-1998Laparoscopic adhesiolysis for subfertilityChew, S. ; Chan, C. ; Ng, S.C. ; Ratnam, S.S. 
12Jul-1992Oocyte and embryo donation.Chan, C.L. ; Devendra, S. 
131992Oocyte and embryo donation.Chan, C.L. ; Devendra, S. 
141991Oral trazodone in the treatment of total secondary impotence in a diabetic patientAdaikan, P.G. ; Ng, S.C. ; Chan, C. ; Ratnam, S.S. 
151991Pregnancies after fertilization and cleavage in human coculture [1]Bongso, A. ; Ng, S.C. ; Ratnam, S. ; Chan, C. ; Anandakumar, C. ; Wong, Y.C. ; Goh, V. ; Devendra, S. ; Soon, S.B. ; Fong, C.Y. ; Vasuthevan, S. 
161988Pregnancy after transfer of sperm under zonaNg, S.-C.; Bongso, A.; Ratnam, S.S. ; Sathananthan, H.; Chan, C.L.K. ; Wong, P.C.; Hagglund, L. ; Anandakumar, C. ; Wong, Y.C.; Goh, V.H.H. 
171996Reproductive health care policies around the world: Art practice in SingaporeNg, S.C. ; Emmanuel, S.; Bongso, A. ; Chan, C.L.K. ; Kumar, J. ; Ratnam, S.S. 
18Jun-1997Responses of polycystic ovarian syndrome and related variants to low-dose follicle stimulating hormoneYong, E.L. ; Ng, S.C. ; Chan, C. ; Kumar, J. ; Teo, L.S.; Ratnam, S. 
191993Stimulation regimes in assisted reproductive technology (ART) programme: Experience in the University Hospital, SingaporeRatnam, S.S. ; Devendra, S. ; Marshall, B. ; Anandakumar, C. ; Wong, Y.C. ; Goh, H.H.V. ; Bongso, T.A. ; Chan, C.L.K. ; Kumar, J. ; Ng, S.C. 
20Jun-1998The first 2 case reports of frozen embryo donation twin pregnancies in Singapore: Hormonal profiles and obstetrical outcomeChan, C.L.K. ; Kumar, J. ; Yong, E.L. ; Fong, C.Y. ; Bongso, A. ; Ng, S.C.