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Ning Ning
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Ning, N.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1May-2006A tunable magnetic inductorNing, N. ; Li, X.P. ; Fan, J. ; Ng, W.C. ; Xu, Y.P. ; Qian, X. ; Seet, H.L. 
22010Asymmetrical magneto-impedance effect in NiFe/SiO2/Cu composite wire with a sputtered NiFe seed layerFan, J. ; Ning, N. ; Yi, J.B. ; Tan, L.S. ; Li, X.P. 
3Aug-2009Effect of external magnetic field on the performance of composite wire structured magnetic inductorsNing, N. ; Xiaoping, L. ; Ng, W.C. 
4Jun-2010Magnetic dynamic interaction in amorphous microwire arrayFan, J. ; Wu, J.; Ning, N. ; Chiriac, H.; Li, X. 
51-May-2009Micro-spike EEG electrode and the vacuum-casting technology for mass productionNg, W.C. ; Seet, H.L. ; Lee, K.S. ; Ning, N. ; Tai, W.X.; Sutedja, M.; Fuh, J.Y.H. ; Li, X.P. 
6Jun-2010NiFe/insulator/Cu composite wires and their giant magneto-impedance effectsNing, N. ; Fan, J. ; Wu, J.; Chiriac, H.; Li, X.P. 
72006On the non-uniqueness of optimum thickness for the magnetic coating layer of NiFe/Cu composite wiresSeet, H. ; Li, X. ; Ning, N. 
8Feb-2010Performance of tunable magnetic inductors in relation to the magnetic layer thickness and an applied longitudinal magnetic field in electrodeposition of the magnetic layerNing, N. ; Li, X.P. 
9Oct-2009Study of the noise in multicore orthogonal fluxgate sensors based on Ni-Fe/Cu composite microwire arraysJie, F. ; Ning, N. ; Ji, W.; Chiriac, H.; Xiaoping, L. 
102006The effect of external magnetic field on magnetic film inductorsNing, N. ; Li, X. ; Seet, H.