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Fan Jie
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Fan, J.
Jie, F.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12006A design of orthogonal fluxgate sensorLi, X.P. ; Fan, J. ; Ding, J. ; Chiriac, H.; Qian, X.B. ; Yi, J.B. 
2May-2006A tunable magnetic inductorNing, N. ; Li, X.P. ; Fan, J. ; Ng, W.C. ; Xu, Y.P. ; Qian, X. ; Seet, H.L. 
32010Asymmetrical magneto-impedance effect in NiFe/SiO2/Cu composite wire with a sputtered NiFe seed layerFan, J. ; Ning, N. ; Yi, J.B. ; Tan, L.S. ; Li, X.P. 
41-May-2007Comparative study of the sensing performance of orthogonal fluxgate sensors with different amorphous sensing elementsZhao, Z.J. ; Li, X.P. ; Fan, J. ; Seet, H.L. ; Qian, X.B. ; Ripka, P.
5Oct-2012Effect of pulse magnetic field stimulation on calcium channel currentFan, J. ; Lee, Z.H.; Ng, W.C. ; Khoa, W.L.; Teoh, S.H. ; Soong, T.H.; Qin, Y.R.; Zhang, Z.Y.; Li, X.P. 
6Sep-2006Electrodeposition and characteristics of Ni80Fe20/Cu composite wiresLi, X.P. ; Seet, H.L. ; Fan, J. ; Yi, J.B. 
72005Integrated driving and readout circuits for CDMPI sensorQian, X.-B. ; Li', X.P. ; Xu, Y.P. ; Fan, J. 
8Oct-2005Integrated driving and readout circuits for orthogonal fluxgate sensorQian, X. ; Li, X. ; Xu, Y.F. ; Fan, J. 
92006Low power orthogonal fluxgate sensor with electroplated Ni 80Fe20/Cu wireFan, J. ; Li, X.P. ; Ripka, P.
10Jun-2010Magnetic dynamic interaction in amorphous microwire arrayFan, J. ; Wu, J.; Ning, N. ; Chiriac, H.; Li, X. 
112012Magnetically induced deep brain stimulation of neuronal firing for pain reliefFan, J. ; Wu, T.; Lee, K.S. ; Li, X. 
122013Modeling of membrane potential dynamics induced by electromagnetic stimulationWu, T.; Jie, F. ; Seng, L.K.; Li, X. ; Wilder-Smith, E.P.V.
13May-2006Multi-core orthogonal fluxgate sensorLi, X.P. ; Fan, J. ; Ding, J. ; Qian, X.B. 
14May-2006Multi-core orthogonal fluxgate sensorLi, X.P. ; Fan, J. ; Ding, J. ; Qian, X.B. 
15Nov-2009Multiwire core fluxgateRipka, P.; Li, X.P. ; Fan, J. 
16Jun-2010NiFe/insulator/Cu composite wires and their giant magneto-impedance effectsNing, N. ; Fan, J. ; Wu, J.; Chiriac, H.; Li, X.P. 
172005Orthogonal fluxgate effect in electroplated wiresRipka, P.; Li, X.P. ; Fan, J. 
182005Portable comprehensive magnetic shielding cylinder for weak magnetic field sensor testing in an island free of AC noiseLi, X.P. ; Ng, W.C. ; Fan, J. ; Vvedensky, V.; Getman, A.
192006Pulse excitation approach for low power orthogonal fluxgate sensorFan, J. ; Li, X. ; Qian, X. 
20Feb-2010Sensitivity and noise of wire-core transverse fluxgateRipka, P.; Butta, M.; Jie, F. ; Li, X.