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Takao Inoue
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Inoue, T.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12010C. elegans BED domain transcription factor BED-3 controls lineage-specific cell proliferation during organogenesisInoue, T. ; Sternberg, P.W.
22016C. elegans miro-1 mutation reduces the amount of mitochondria and extends life spanShen Y. ; Ng L.F. ; Low N.P.W.; Hagen T. ; Gruber J. ; Inoue T. 
32016Energy crisis precedes global metabolic failure in a novel Caenorhabditis elegans Alzheimer Disease modelFong S.; Teo E.; Ng L.F.; Chen C.-B.; Lakshmanan L.N.; Tsoi S.Y.; Moore P.K.; Inoue T. ; Halliwell B. ; Gruber J. 
42015Morphologically defined sub-stages of C. Elegans vulval development in the fourth larval stageMok D.Z.L. ; Sternberg P.W.; Inoue T. 
52010Multivesicular body formation requires OSBP-related proteins and cholesterolKobuna H.; Inoue T. ; Shibata M.; Gengyo-Ando K.; Yamamoto A.; Mitani S.; Arai H.
62009Nematode homologue of PQBP1, a mental retardation causative gene, is involved in lipid metabolismTakahashi K.; Yoshina S.; Masashi M.; Ito W.; Inoue T. ; Shiwaku H.; Arai H.; Mitani S.; Okazawa H.
72018Synthetic Enzymology and the Fountain of Youth: Repurposing Biology for LongevityLim, Yan Ping ; Go, Maybelle K ; Raida, Manfred ; Inoue, Takao ; Wenk, Markus R ; Keasling, Jay D; Chang, Matthew W ; Yew, Wen Shan 
82010Two very long chain fatty acid acyl-CoA synthetase genes, acs-20 and acs-22, have roles in the cuticle surface barrier in Caenorhabditis elegansKage-Nakadai E.; Kobuna H.; Kimura M.; Gengyo-Ando K.; Inoue T. ; Arai H.; Mitani S.