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Ai Lin Teo
(not current staff)
Evelyn, A.L.T.
Ai Lin Teo, E.
Evelyn, A.-L.T.
Teo, E.A.L.
Lin, T.A.
Teo, E.A.-L.
Teo, A.L.E.
Ai-Lin Teo, E.
Teo, A.L.


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12007A decision support system for predicting accident risks in building projectsImriyas, K.; Low, S.P. ; Teo, A.L. 
22006A fuzzy expert system for computing workers' compensation insurance premiums in construction: A conceptual frameworkImriyas, K.; Pheng, L.S. ; Lin, T.A. ; Lean, C.S. 
32017A project management framework for enhanced productivity performance using building information modellingLiao, L; Teo, E.A.L ; Low, S.P 
4Dec-2006A quantitative model for efficient maintenance of plastered and painted façadesTeo, E.A.-L. ; Harikrishna, N.
52-Jan-2014Analysis of criteria for decision making to achieve sustainability and buildability in building envelope designSinghaputtangkul, N.; Low, S.P. ; Teo, A.L. ; Hwang, B.-G. 
62012Attributes influencing the determination of building adaptation potential for public housing in Singapore: Occupants' perspectivesLin, G.; Evelyn, A.-L.T. 
7Jul-2011Building adaption model in assessing adaption potential of public housing in SingaporeTeo, E.A.L. ; Lin, G.
8May-2012Construction risk assessment using site influence factorsLee, H.-S.; Kim, H.; Park, M.; Ai Lin Teo, E. ; Lee, K.-P.
92011Costs of construction accidents to Singapore contractorsTeo, E.A.-L. ; Feng, Y.
101-Mar-2014Criteria for architects and engineers to achieve sustainability and buildability in building envelope designsSinghaputtangkul, N.; Low, S.P. ; Teo, A.L. ; Hwang, B.-G. 
1130-Aug-2017Critical Success Factors for Enhancing the Building Information Modelling Implementation in Building Projects in SingaporeLonghui Liao; Evelyn Teo 
122016Design for safety: Theoretical framework of the safety aspect of BIM system to determine the safety indexTeo A.L.E. ; Ofori G. ; Tjandra I.K. ; Kim H. 
13Jul-2011Determination of strategic adaptation actions for public housing in SingaporeTeo, E.A.L. ; Lin, G.
142010Developing a model for computing the building adaptation potential index for public housing in SingaporeAi-Lin Teo, E. ; Lin, G. 
15Dec-2007Developing an electronic system to enhance building safety auditsEvelyn, A.L.T. 
162020Development of kbim e-submission prototypical system for the openbim-based building permit frameworkKim, I.; Choi, J.; Teo, E.A.L. ; Sun, H.
172020Diffusion of building information modeling in building projects and firms in SingaporeLiao, L.; Teo, E.A.L. ; Chang, R.; Zhao, X.
1827-Jun-2022Digital Twin: A Conceptualization of the Task-Technology Fit for Individual Users in the Building Maintenance SectorTeo, Ai Lin ; Wong, Peng Hoong
19Nov-2010Energy-related CO2 emissions from the manufacturing and transportation of cementTeo, E.A.L. ; Lin, G.; Lim, L.J.W.
202020Evaluating the roadmap of 5g technology implementation for smart building and facilities management in singaporeChew, M.Y.L.; Teo, E.A.L. ; Shah, K.W. ; Kumar, V. ; Hussein, G.F.