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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12019A review on catalytic nanomaterials for volatile organic compounds VOC removal and their applications for healthy buildingsShah, K.W. ; Li, W. 
22-Aug-2021Design and properties of seawater coral aggregate alkali-activated concreteBAI ZHANG; HONG ZHU; Qiang Wang; Kwok Wei Shah ; Wei Wang
32019Electroluminochromic materials: From molecules to polymersChua, M.H; Zhu, Q; Shah, K.W ; Xu, J 
42020Evaluating the roadmap of 5g technology implementation for smart building and facilities management in singaporeChew, M.Y.L.; Teo, E.A.L. ; Shah, K.W. ; Kumar, V. ; Hussein, G.F. 
52018Impact of curing temperatures and alkaline activators on compressive strength and porosity of ternary blended geopolymer mortarsKubba, Z.; Fahim Huseien, G.; Sam, A.R.M.; Shah, K.W. ; Asaad, M.A.; Ismail, M.; Tahir, M.M.; Mirza, J.
62020Influence of glass silica waste nano powder on the mechanical and microstructure properties of alkali-activated mortarsSamadi, M.; Shah, K.W. ; Lim, N.H.A.S.; Huseien, G.F.
72019Microwave-assisted synthesis of hexagonal gold nanoparticles reduced by organosilane (3-mercaptopropyl)trimethoxysilaneShah, K.W. ; Zheng, L.
82019Multifunctional metallic nanowires in advanced building applicationsShah, K.W. ; Xiong, T. 
92019One-dimensional nanostructure engineering of conducting polymers for thermoelectric applicationsShah, K.W. ; Wang, S.-X.; Soo, D.X.Y.; Xu, J. 
1030-Aug-2021Potential applications of 5g network technology for climate change control: A scoping review of SingaporeHuseien, Ghasan Fahim; Shah, Kwok Wei 
112019Recent advances in aggregation-induced emission chemosensors for anion sensingChua, M.H.; Shah, K.W. ; Zhou, H.; Xu, J. 
122019Solution-based synthesis and processing of metal chalcogenides for thermoelectric applicationsShah, K.W. ; Wang, S.-X.; Zheng, Y.; Xu, J. 
132017Synthesis, morphologies and building applications of nanostructured polymersLu Y. ; Shah K.W. ; Xu J. 
142019Viologen-based electrochromic materials: From small molecules, polymers and composites to their applicationsShah, K.W. ; Wang, S.-X.; Soo, D.X.Y.; Xu, J.