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Ghassan Fahem Hussein
(not current staff)
Ghasan Fahim Huseien


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
114-Feb-2021Assessment of mechanical properties and structural morphology of alkali-activated mortars with industrial waste materialsFaridmehr, Iman; Bedon, Chiara; Huseien, Ghasan Fahim ; Nikoo, Mehdi; Baghban, Mohammad Hajmohammadian
21-Dec-2021Effect of waste glass bottles-derived nanopowder as slag replacement on mortars with alkali activation: Durability characteristicsHamzah, Hussein K.; Huseien, Ghasan Fahim ; Asaad, Mohammad Ali; Georgescu, Dan Paul; Ghoshal, S. K.; Alrshoudi, Fahed
32020Evaluating the roadmap of 5g technology implementation for smart building and facilities management in singaporeChew, M.Y.L.; Teo, E.A.L. ; Shah, K.W. ; Kumar, V. ; Hussein, G.F. 
42020Evaluation of mechanical and environmental properties of engineered alkali-activated green mortarFaridmehr, I.; Huseien, G.F. ; Baghban, M.H.
519-Dec-2021Gum arabic nanoparticles as green corrosion inhibitor for reinforced concrete exposed to carbon dioxide environmentAsaad, Mohammad Ali; Huseien, Ghasan Fahim ; Baghban, Mohammad Hajmohammadian; Raja, Pandian Bothi; Fediuk, Roman; Faridmehr, Iman; Alrshoudi, Fahed
65-May-2021Life-cycle assessment of alkali-activated materials incorporating industrial byproductsFaridmehr, Iman; Nehdi, Moncef L.; Nikoo, Mehdi; Huseien, Ghasan Fahim ; Ozbakkaloglu, Togay
716-Aug-2021Optimisation of gbfs, fly ash, and nano-silica contents in alkali-activated mortarsAlgaifi, Hassan Amer; Mustafa Mohamed, Abdeliazim; Alsuhaibani, Eyad; Shahidan, Shahiron; Alrshoudi, Fahed; Huseien, Ghasan Fahim ; Bakar, Suhaimi Abu
819-Oct-2021Strength and acid resistance of ceramic-based self-compacting alkali-activated concrete: Optimizing and predicting assessmentAlgaifi, Hassan Amer; Khan, Mohammad Iqbal; Shahidan, Shahiron; Fares, Galal; Abbas, Yassir M.; Huseien, Ghasan Fahim ; Salami, Babatunde Abiodun; Alabduljabbar, Hisham