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Bon-Gang Hwang
Hwang, B.G.
Hwang, Bon-Gang
Hwang, B.-G.
Hwang, B.


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12017A global review of sustainable construction project financing: Policies, practices, and research effortsShan, M ; Hwang, B.-G ; Zhu, L 
223-Nov-2020A preliminary prototyping approach for emerging metro-based underground logistics systems: Operation mechanism and facility layoutWanjie Hu; Jianjun Dong; Bon-Gang Hwang ; Rui Ren; Zhilong Chen
39-Dec-2021A scientometric analysis and overview of research on infrastructure externalitiesZhu, Lei; Ye, Qianwen; Yuan, Jingfeng; Hwang, Bon-Gang ; Cheng, Yusi
42017A spatial disaster assessment model of social resilience based on geographically weighted regressionChun, H; Chi, S; Hwang, B.-G 
516-May-2016An enterprise risk management knowledge-based decision support system for construction firmsZhao Xianbo; HWANG BON-GANG ; LOW SUI PHENG 
62017An exploratory analysis of risks in green residential building construction projects: The case of SingaporeHwang, B.-G ; Shan, M ; Phua, H; Chi, S
72-Jan-2014Analysis of criteria for decision making to achieve sustainability and buildability in building envelope designSinghaputtangkul, N.; Low, S.P. ; Teo, A.L. ; Hwang, B.-G. 
82012Application of customized industry-specific metrics to assessment of capital projects performancesHwang, B.-G. ; Thomas, S.R.; Caldas, C.H.
92019Assessing the implementation of best productivity practices in maintenance activities, shutdowns, and turnarounds of petrochemical plantsKrishnankutty, P.; Hwang, B.-G. ; Caldas, C.H.; Muralidharan, S. ; de Oliveira, D.P.
102013Capital project performance measurement and benchmarking in SingaporeHwang, B.-G. ; Tan, H.F.; Sathish, S.
1120-Jun-2023Comparison of Construction Project Risks Before and During COVID-19 in Singapore: Criticality and Management StrategiesQian Xu ; Bon-Gang Hwang ; Rui Qi Choo; Xian Zheng; Lei Kong; Qiancheng Wang; Xuan Liu
12Jun-2013Comparison of schedule delay and causal factors between traditional and green construction projectsHwang, B.G. ; Leong, L.P.
132012Construction project change management in Singapore: Status, importance and impactHwang, B.-G. ; Low, L.K.
14Jan-2014Construction project risk management in Singapore: Resources, effectiveness, impact, and understandingZhao, X.; Hwang, B.-G. ; Phng, W.
152-Oct-2018Cost control in megaprojects: efficacy, tools and techniques, key knowledge areas and project comparisonsBon-Gang Hwang ; Ming Shan; Lei Zhu; Wai Cheng Lim
161-Mar-2014Criteria for architects and engineers to achieve sustainability and buildability in building envelope designsSinghaputtangkul, N.; Low, S.P. ; Teo, A.L. ; Hwang, B.-G. 
172017Critical factors influencing business model innovation for sustainable buildingsZhao, X ; Chang, T; Hwang, B.-G ; Deng, X
182013Critical success factors for key project players and objectives: Case study of SingaporeHwang, B.-G. ; Lim, E.-S.J.
191-Sep-2013Developing fuzzy enterprise risk management maturity model for construction firmsZhao, X.; Hwang, B.-G. ; Low, S.P. 
202010Diagnosing the status of performance measurement and benchmarking in the Singapore construction industryHwang, B.-G. ; Tan, H.F.