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1Mar-2012Aging modulates cuticular hydrocarbons and sexual attractiveness in Drosophila melanogasterKuo, T.-H.; Yew, J.Y. ; Fedina, T.Y.; Dreisewerd, K.; Dierick, H.A.; Pletcher, S.D.
25-Dec-2012Dietary Effects on Cuticular Hydrocarbons and Sexual Attractiveness in DrosophilaFedina, T.Y.; Kuo, T.-H.; Dreisewerd, K.; Dierick, H.A.; Yew, J.Y. ; Pletcher, S.D.
3Jul-2011Direct laser desorption ionization of endogenous and exogenous compounds from insect cuticles: Practical and methodologic aspectsYew, J.Y. ; Soltwisch, J.; Pirkl, A.; Dreisewerd, K.
42014Drosophila life span and physiology are modulated by sexual perception and rewardGendron, C.M.; Kuo, T.-H.; Harvanek, Z.M.; Chung, B.Y.; Yew, J.Y. ; Dierick, H.A.; Pletcher, S.D.
5Apr-2012Insulin signaling mediates sexual attractiveness in DrosophilaKuo, T.-H.; Fedina, T.Y.; Hansen, I.; Dreisewerd, K.; Dierick, H.A.; Yew, J.Y. ; Pletcher, S.D.
62011Male-specific transfer and fine scale spatial differences of newly identified cuticular hydrocarbons and triacylglycerides in a Drosophila species pairYew, J.Y. ; Dreisewerd, K.; de Oliveira, C.C.; Etges, W.J.
711-Jun-2013miR-124 controls male reproductive success in DrosophilaWeng, R.; Chin, J.S.R.; Yew, J.Y. ; Bushati, N.; Cohen, S.M.
8Nov-2010Pheromonal and behavioral cues trigger male-to-female aggression in DrosophilaFernandez, M.P.; Chan, Y.-B.; Yew, J.Y. ; Billeter, J.-C.; Dreisewerd, K.; Levine, J.D.; Kravitz, E.A.
925-Feb-2014Pheromone evolution and sexual behavior in Drosophila are shaped by male sensory exploitation of other malesNg, S.H.; Shankar, S.; Shikichi, Y.; Akasaka, K.; Mori, K.; Yew, J.Y. 
1028-Aug-2010Pheromone synthesis. Part 244: Synthesis of the racemate and enantiomers of (11Z,19Z)-CH503 (3-acetoxy-11,19-octacosadien-1-ol), a new sex pheromone of male Drosophila melanogaster to show its (S)-isomer and racemate as bioactiveMori, K.; Shikichi, Y.; Shankar, S.; Yew, J.Y. 
1113-May-2012Pheromone synthesis. Part 250: Determination of the stereostructure of CH503, a sex pheromone of male Drosophila melanogaster, as (3R,11Z,19Z)-3- acetoxy-11,19-octacosadien-1-ol by synthesis and chromatographic analysis of its eight isomersShikichi, Y.; Akasaka, K.; Tamogami, S.; Shankar, S.; Yew, J.Y. ; Mori, K.
122013Pheromones in the fruit flyChin, J.S.R.; Yew, J.Y. 
132013Synthesis and bioassay of the eight analogues of the ch503 male pheromone (3-acetoxy-11,19-octacosadien-1-ol) of the Drosophila Melanogaster fruit flyShikichi, Y.; Shankar, S.; Yew, J.Y. ; Mori, K.
142018The Drosophila microbiome has a limited influence on sleep, activity, and courtship behaviorsSelkrig J.; Mohammad F. ; Ng S.H.; Chua J.Y. ; Tumkaya T. ; Ho J.; Chiang Y.N. ; Rieger D.; Pettersson S. ; Helfrich-Förster C.; Yew J.Y. ; Claridge-Chang A.