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Claridge-Chang, A.
Claridge-Chang, A.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12018A zinc-finger fusion protein refines Gal4-defined neural circuitsRaghu S.V. ; Mohammad F. ; Chua J.Y. ; Lam J.S.W.; Loberas M.; Sahani S.; Barros C.S.; Claridge-Chang A. 
22006Control of daily transcript oscillations in Drosophila by light and the circadian clockWijnen H.; Naef F.; Boothroyd C.; Claridge-Chang A. ; Young M.W.
32015Estimating Information Processing in a Memory System: The Utility of Meta-analytic Methods for GeneticsYildizoglu T.; Weislogel J.-M.; Mohammad F.; Chan E.S.Y. ; Assam P.N. ; Claridge-Chang A. 
42017Neuromodulatory circuit effects on Drosophila feeding behaviour and metabolismEriksson, A; Raczkowska, M; Navawongse, R; Choudhury, D; Stewart, J.C; Tang, Y.L; Wang, Z; Claridge-Chang, A 
52017Optical inhibition of larval zebrafish behaviour with anion channelrhodopsinsMohamed, G.A; Cheng, R.-K; Ho, J; Krishnan, S ; Mohammad, F ; Claridge-Chang, A ; Jesuthasan, S 
62018The Drosophila microbiome has a limited influence on sleep, activity, and courtship behaviorsSelkrig J.; Mohammad F. ; Ng S.H.; Chua J.Y. ; Tumkaya T. ; Ho J.; Chiang Y.N. ; Rieger D.; Pettersson S. ; Helfrich-Förster C.; Yew J.Y. ; Claridge-Chang A. 
7Feb-2012The surveillance state of behavioral automationSchaefer, A.T.; Claridge-Chang, A. 
82018Using Drosophila behavioral assays to characterize terebrid venom-peptide bioactivityEriksson, A; Anand, P; Gorson, J; Grijuc, C; Hadelia, E; Stewart, J.C; Holford, M; Claridge-Chang, A