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Murray Douglas Barrett
Barrett, M.D.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
115-Jun-2011All-optical Bose-Einstein condensation in a 1.06 μm dipole trapArnold, K.J.; Barrett, M.D. 
22018Blackbody radiation shift assessment for a lutetium ion clockArnold K.J. ; Kaewuam R.; Roy A. ; Tan T.R. ; Barrett M.D. 
320-Sep-2011Collective cavity quantum electrodynamics with multiple atomic levelsArnold, K.J.; Baden, M.P.; Barrett, M.D. 
46-May-2013Detection of ion micromotion in a linear Paul trap with a high finesse cavityChuah, B.L.; Lewty, N.C.; Cazan, R.; Barrett, M.D. 
52015Developing a field independent frequency referenceBARRETT,MURRAY DOUGLAS 
625-Mar-2013Erratum: Spectroscopy on a single trapped 137Ba+ ion for nuclear magnetic octupole moment determination (Optics Express)Lewty, N.C.; Chuah, B.L.; Cazan, R.; Sahoo, B.K.; Barrett, M.D. 
724-Jul-2013Experimental determination of the nuclear magnetic octupole moment of 137Ba+ ionLewty, N.C.; Chuah, B.L.; Cazan, R.; Barrett, M.D. ; Sahoo, B.K.
824-Oct-2011Fabrication of glass micro-cavities for cavity quantum electrodynamics experimentsRoy, A.; Barrett, M.D. 
920-Dec-2017Laser spectroscopy of 176Lu+Rattakorn Kaewuam; Arpan Roy; Ting Rei Tan ; Kyle Arnold; Murray Barrett 
102009Micro/nanomanufacturing in support of materials scienceJian, L.K. ; Moser, H.O. ; Chen, A. ; Heussler, S.P. ; Liu, G. ; Bin Mahmood, S. ; Kalaiselvi, S.M.P. ; Maniam, S.M. ; Virasawmy, S. ; Ren, Y.P.; Barrett, M.D. ; Dhanapaul, A.L. 
1131-May-2012Micromotion in trapped atom-ion systemsNguyên, L.H.; Kalev, A. ; Barrett, M.D. ; Englert, B.-G. 
1228-Sep-2018Oscillating-magnetic-field effects in high-precision metrologyGan, HCJ ; Maslennikov, G ; Tseng, K-W; Tan, TR ; Kaewuam, R; Arnold, KJ ; Matsukevich, D ; Barrett, MD 
1312-Apr-2013Reliability test for the experimental results of electric-quadrupole hyperfine-structure constants and assessment of nuclear quadrupole moments in 135Ba and 137BaSahoo, B.K.; Barrett, M.D. ; Das, B.P.
1412-Oct-2012Self-organization threshold scaling for thermal atoms coupled to a cavityArnold, K.J.; Baden, M.P.; Barrett, M.D. 
1510-Sep-2012Spectroscopy on a single trapped 137Ba+ ion for nuclear magnetic octupole moment determinationLewty, N.C.; Chuah, B.L.; Cazan, R.; Sahoo, B.K.; Barrett, M.D. 
1613-Jul-2011State detection using coherent Raman repumping and two-color Raman transfersChuah, B.L.; Lewty, N.C.; Barrett, M.D. 
1718-Apr-2013Sub-Doppler cavity cooling beyond the Lamb-Dicke regimeChuah, B.L.; Lewty, N.C.; Cazan, R.; Barrett, M.D. 
182015Systematic evaluation of an atomic clock at 2 × 10-18 total uncertaintyNicholson, T.L ; Campbell, S.L; Hutson, R.B; Marti, G.E; Bloom, B.J; McNally, R.L; Zhang, W; Barrett, M.D ; Safronova, M.S; Strouse, G.F; Tew, W.L; Ye, J
19Sep-2012The trapping and detection of single atoms using a spherical mirrorRoy, A.; Jing, A.B.S.; Barrett, M.D.