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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
110-Aug-2012A henipavirus vaccine in sightVon Messling, V. ; Cattaneo, R.
22011A novel Ribozyme-Based prophylaxis inhibits influenza a virus replication and protects from severe diseaseMotard J.; Rouxel R.; Paun A.; von Messling V. ; Bisaillon M.; Perreault J.-P.
316-Apr-2014An orally available, small-molecule polymerase inhibitor shows efficacy against a lethal morbillivirus infection in a large animal modelKrumm, S.A.; Yan, D.; Hovingh, E.S.; Evers, T.J.; Enkirch, T.; Reddy, G.P.; Sun, A.; Saindane, M.T.; Arrendale, R.F.; Painter, G.; Liotta, D.C.; Natchus, M.G.; Von Messling, V. ; Plemper, R.K.
411-Dec-2012Antagonistic Pleiotropy and Fitness Trade-Offs Reveal Specialist and Generalist Traits in Strains of Canine Distemper VirusNikolin, V.M.; Osterrieder, K.; Von Messling, V. ; Hofer, H.; Anderson, D. ; Dubovi, E.; Brunner, E.; East, M.L.
5Apr-2012Canine distemper virus epithelial cell infection is required for clinical disease but not for immunosuppressionSawatsky, B.; Wong, X.-X.; Hinkelmann, S.; Cattaneo, R.; Von Messling, V. 
62017Cross-neutralisation of viruses of the tick-borne encephalitis complex following tick-borne encephalitis vaccination and/or infectionMcAuley, A.J; Sawatsky, B; Ksiazek, T; Torres, M; Korva, M; Lotri?-Furlan, S; Avši?-Županc, T; VERONIKA ALICE IRMELA VON MESS ; Holbrook, M.R; Freiberg, A.N; Beasley, D.W.C; Bente, D.A
713-Feb-2012Elements in the canine distemper virus M 3′ UTR contribute to control of replication efficiency and virulenceAnderson, D.E. ; Castan, A.; Bisaillon, M.; Von Messling, V. 
8Jun-2012How respiratory viruses overcome mucosal defenses and exploit the unique environment of the respiratory tractVon Messling, V. ; Griffin, D.E.
92005In vitro canine distemper virus infection of canine lymphoid cells: A prelude to oncolytic therapy for lymphomaSuter, S.E; Chein, M.B; VERONIKA ALICE IRMELA VON MESS ; Yip, B; Cattaneo, R; Vernau, W; Madewell, B.R; London, C.A
10Aug-2012Membrane fusion-mediated autophagy induction enhances morbillivirus cell-to-cell spreadDelpeut, S.; Rudd, P.A.; Labonté, P.; Von Messling, V. 
11Mar-2014Morbillivirus control of the interferon response: Relevance of STAT2 and mda5 but not STAT1 for canine distemper virus virulence in ferretsSvitek, N.; Gerhauser, I. ; Goncalves, C.; Grabski, E.; Döring, M.; Kalinke, U.; Anderson, D.E. ; Cattaneo, R.; Von Messling, V. 
122016Morbillivirus experimental animal models: Measles virus pathogenesis insights from canine distemper virusda Fontoura Budaszewski, R; VERONIKA ALICE IRMELA VON MESS 
13Mar-2013Nectin-4-dependent measles virus spread to the cynomolgus monkey tracheal epithelium: Role of infected immune cells infiltrating the lamina propriaFrenzke, M.; Sawatsky, B.; Wong, X.X.; Delpeut, S.; Mateo, M.; Cattaneo, R.; Von Messling, V. 
14Apr-2012PB1-F2 modulates early host responses but does not affect the pathogenesis of H1N1 seasonal influenza virusMeunier, I.; Von Messling, V. 
1510-Feb-2022The rapid progress in COVID vaccine development and implementationBarrett, Alan DT; Titball, Richard W; MacAry, Paul A ; Rupp, Richard E; von Messling, Veronika ; Walker, David H; Fanget, Nicolas VJ
16May-2012The study of canine distemper in its natural host: A model of morbillivirus pathogenesisDelpeut, S.; Rouxel, R.N.; Von Messling, V. 
172013Type I IFN Triggers RIG-I/TLR3/NLRP3-dependent Inflammasome Activation in Influenza A Virus Infected CellsPothlichet J.; Meunier I.; Davis B.K.; Ting J.P.-Y.; Skamene E.; von Messling V. ; Vidal S.M.
185-Jan-2012Virulence differences of closely related pandemic 2009 H1N1 isolates correlate with increased inflammatory responses in ferretsMeunier, I.; Embury-Hyatt, C.; Stebner, S.; Gray, M.; Bastien, N.; Li, Y.; Plummer, F.; Kobinger, G.P.; Von Messling, V. 
192018Zika virus infection elicits auto-antibodies to C1qKoma, T; Veljkovic, V; Anderson, D.E ; Wang, L.-F ; Rossi, S.L; Shan, C; Shi, P.-Y ; Beasley, D.W; Bukreyeva, N; Smith, J.N; Hallam, S; Huang, C; VERONIKA ALICE IRMELA VON MESS ; Paessler, S