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Stephen Richard James Franz Cl
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Clark S.R.
Clark, S.
Clark, S.R.


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
110-Apr-2013Ab initio derivation of Hubbard models for cold atoms in optical latticesWalters, R.; Cotugno, G.; Johnson, T.H.; Clark, S.R. ; Jaksch, D. 
213-Jan-2012Algebraically contractible topological tensor network statesDenny, S.J.; Biamonte, J.D.; Jaksch, D. ; Clark, S.R. 
3Apr-2012Breathing oscillations of a trapped impurity in a Bose gasJohnson, T.H.; Bruderer, M.; Cai, Y.; Clark, S.R. ; Bao, W. ; Jaksch, D. 
410-Nov-2011Capturing long range correlations in two-dimensional quantum lattice systems using correlator product statesAl-Assam, S.; Clark, S.R. ; Foot, C.J.; Jaksch, D. 
5Jan-2013Capturing the re-entrant behavior of one-dimensional Bose-Hubbard modelPino, M.; Prior, J.; Clark, S.R. 
62011Categorical tensor network statesBiamonte, J.D.; Clark, S.R. ; Jaksch, D. 
72015Coexistence of energy diffusion and local thermalization in nonequilibrium XXZ spin chains with integrability breakingMendoza-Arenas J.J.; Clark S.R. ; Jaksch D. 
8Feb-2010Decoherence of a quantum memory coupled to a collective spin bathWalters, R.; Clark, S.R. ; Jaksch, D. 
92-Feb-2009Density matrix renormalization group in the Heisenberg pictureHartmann, M.J.; Prior, J.; Clark, S.R. ; Plenio, M.B.
1024-Jun-2013Dephasing enhanced transport in nonequilibrium strongly correlated quantum systemsMendoza-Arenas, J.J.; Grujic, T.; Jaksch, D. ; Clark, S.R. 
1116-Sep-2010Dynamical simulations of classical stochastic systems using matrix product statesJohnson, T.H.; Clark, S.R. ; Jaksch, D. 
1213-Aug-2010Entanglement consumption of instantaneous nonlocal quantum measurementsClark, S.R. ; Connor, A.J.; Jaksch, D. ; Popescu, S.
1326-Feb-2010Exact matrix product solutions in the Heisenberg picture of an open quantum spin chainClark, S.R. ; Prior, J.; Hartmann, M.J.; Jaksch, D. ; Plenio, M.B.
147-Jun-2013Extracting quantum work statistics and fluctuation theorems by single-qubit interferometryDorner, R.; Clark, S.R. ; Heaney, L. ; Fazio, R.; Goold, J.; Vedral, V. 
1528-Nov-2013Frozen photons in Jaynes-Cummings arraysSchetakis, N.; Grujic, T.; Clark, S. ; Jaksch, D. ; Angelakis, D.
16Jul-2013Heat transport in the XXZ spin chain: From ballistic to diffusive regimes and dephasing enhancementMendoza-Arenas, J.J.; Al-Assam, S.; Clark, S.R. ; Jaksch, D. 
1710-Aug-2011Impurity transport through a strongly interacting bosonic quantum gasJohnson, T.H.; Clark, S.R. ; Bruderer, M.; Jaksch, D. 
18Oct-2012Non-equilibrium many-body effects in driven nonlinear resonator arraysGrujic, T.; Clark, S.R. ; Jaksch, D. ; Angelakis, D.G.
1922-Jan-2014Optical properties of a vibrationally modulated solid state Mott insulatorKaiser, S.; Clark, S.R. ; Nicoletti, D.; Cotugno, G.; Tobey, R.I.; Dean, N.; Lupi, S.; Okamoto, H.; Hasegawa, T.; Jaksch, D. ; Cavalleri, A.
2021-Oct-2010Phonon resonances in atomic currents through Bose-Fermi mixtures in optical latticesBruderer, M.; Johnson, T.H.; Clark, S.R. ; Jaksch, D. ; Posazhennikova, A.; Belzig, W.