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Wen, Z.L.
Wen, Z.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1May-2007Distinct functions for different scl isoforms in zebrafish primitive and definitive hematopoiesisQian, F.; Zhen, F.; Xu, J.; Huang, M.; Li, W.; Wen, Z. 
220-Jun-2003Emergence of a coronavirus infectious bronchitis virus mutant with a truncated 3b gene: Functional characterization of the 3b protein in pathogenesis and replicationShen, S.; Wen, Z.L. ; Liu, D.X.
3Jan-2005Genome-wide identification of female-enriched genes in zebrafishWen, C.; Zhang, Z.; Ma, W.; Xu, M.; Wen, Z. ; Peng, J. 
4Jul-2005Microarray analysis of zebrafish cloche mutant using amplified cDNA and identification of potential downstream target genesQian, F.; Zhen, F.; Ong, C.; Jin, S.-W.; Soo, H.M.; Stainier, D.Y.R.; Lin, S.; Peng, J. ; Wen, Z. 
515-Jun-2007Migratory path of definitive hematopoietic stem/progenitor cells during zebrafish developmentJin, H.; Xu, J.; Wen, Z. 
6Sep-2002Morphologic transformation of the thymus in developing zebrafishLam, S.H. ; Chua, H.L.; Gong, Z. ; Wen, Z. ; Lam, T.J. ; Sin, Y.M. 
72006The 5′ zebrafish scl promoter targets transcription to the brain, spinal cord, and hematopoietic and endothelial progenitorsJin, H.; Xu, J.; Qian, F.; Du, L. ; Chee, Y.T.; Lin, Z.; Peng, J. ; Wen, Z. 
81-Jul-2007The zebrafish udu gene encodes a novel nuclear factor and is essential for primitive erythroid cell developmentLiu, Y.; Du, L. ; Osato, M.; Eng, H.T.; Qian, F.; Jin, H.; Zhen, F.; Xu, J.; Guo, L.; Huang, H.; Chen, J.; Geisler, R.; Jiang, Y.-J.; Peng, J. ; Wen, Z.