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Du Xiang
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Xiang D.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1201292-gene molecular profiling in identification of cancer origin: A retrospective study in Chinese population and performance within different subgroupsWu F.; Huang D.; Wang L.; Xu Q.; Liu F. ; Ye X.; Meng X.; Du X. 
219-Apr-2017Electron transport and visible light absorption in a plasmonic photocatalyst based on strontium niobateWan, D. Y. ; Zhao, Y. L. ; Cai, Y.; Asmara, T. C. ; Huang, Z. ; Chen, J. Q. ; Hong, J.; Yin, S. M.|}Nelson, C. T.; Motapothula, M. R. ; Yan, B. X.; Xiang, D. ; Chi, X. ; Zheng, H.; Chen, W. ; Xu, R.; Ariando A. ; Rusydi, A. ; Minor, A. M.; Breese, M. B. H. ; Sherburne, M.; Asta, M.; Xu, Q. -H. ; Venkatesan, T. 
31-May-2022Modulation of Spin Dynamics in 2D Transition-Metal Dichalcogenide via Strain-Driven Symmetry BreakingLiu, Tao ; Xiang, Du ; Ng, Hong Kuan; Han, Zichao; Hippalgaonkar, Kedar; Suwardi, Ady ; Martin, Jens ; Garaj, Slaven ; Wu, Jing
420-Aug-2020Optically Controllable 2D Material/Complex Oxide HeterointerfaceTao Liu ; Cheng Han; Du Xiang ; Kun Han ; Ariando Ariando ; Wei Chen 
52015Surface transfer doping induced effective modulation on ambipolar characteristics of few-layer black phosphorusXiang D. ; Han C. ; Wu J. ; Zhong S. ; Liu Y. ; Lin J. ; Zhang X.-A.; Ping Hu W.; Ozyilmaz,Barbaros ; Neto A.H.C. ; Wee A.T.S. ; Chen W. 
62015Tuning the electronic properties of ZnO nanowire field effect transistors via surface functionalizationHan C. ; Xiang D. ; Zheng M. ; Lin J. ; Zhong J. ; Haur Sow C. ; Chen W.