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Wei Ngan Chin
Chin, W.-N.
Chin, W.N.
Chin, Wei-Ngan


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12008A fast algorithm to compute heap memory bounds of Java Card appletsPham, T.-H.; Truong, A.-H.; Truong, N.-T.; Chin, W.-N. 
22006A flow-based approach for variant parametric typesChin, W.-N. ; Craciun, F. ; Khoo, S.-C. ; Popeea, C. 
32006A flow-based approach for variant parametric typesChin, W.-N. ; Craciun, F. ; Khoo, S.-C. ; Popeea, C. 
42008A flow-sensitive region inference for CLIStefan, A. ; Craciun, F.; Chin, W.-N. 
52008A formal soundness proof of region-based memory management for object-oriented paradigmCraciun, F.; Qin, S.; Chin, W.-N. 
61996A higher-order removal methodChin, W.-N. ; Darlington, J.
72011A HIP and SLEEK verification systemChin, W.-N. ; David, C.; Gherghina, C.
82002A lazy divide & conquer approach to constraint solvingAnand, S.; Chin, W.-N. ; Khoo, S.-C. 
92003A new algorithm for regularizing one-letter context-free grammarsAndrei, S. ; Cavadini, S.V.; Chin, W.-N. 
102008A practical and precise inference and specializer for array bound checks eliminationPopeea, C. ; Xu, D.N.; Chin, W.-N. 
112013A proof slicing framework for program verificationLe, T.C.; Gherghina, C.; Voicu, R. ; Chin, W.-N. 
122009A rigorous methodology for specification and verification of business processesMasalagiu, C.; Chin, W.-N. ; Andrei, Ş.; Alaiba, V.
132003A semantic foundation for TCOZ in unifying theories of programmingQin, S.; Dong, J.S. ; Chin, W.-N. 
142011A specialization calculus for pruning disjunctive predicates to support verificationChin, W.-N. ; Gherghina, C.; Voicu, R. ; Le, Q.L.; Craciun, F. ; Qin, S.
15Feb-1995A transformation method for dynamic-sized tabulationChin, W.-N. ; Hagiya, M.
162004A type system for resource protocol verification and its correctness proofPopeea, C. ; Chin, W.-N. 
172005An automatic mapping from Statecharts to VerilogTran, V.-A.V.; Qin, S. ; Chin, W.N. 
182002An efficient distributed deadlock avoidance algorithm for the AND modelWu, H. ; Chin, W.-N. ; Jaffar, J. 
192013An expressive framework for verifying deadlock freedomLe, D.-K.; Chin, W.-N. ; Teo, Y.-M. 
202009An interval-based inference of variant parametric typesCraciun, F.; Chin, W.-N. ; He, G.; Qin, S.