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Joxan Jaffar
Jaffar, Joxan
Jaffar, J.


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12004A CLP approach to modelling systemsJaffar, J. 
22006A CLP method for compositional and intermittent predicate abstractionJaffar, J. ; Santosa, A.E. ; Voicu, R. 
32004A CLP proof method for timed automataJaffar, J. ; Santosa, A. ; Voicu, R. 
42008A coinduction rule for entailment of recursively defined propertiesJaffar, J. ; Santosa, A.E. ; Voicu, R. 
52012A complete method for symmetry reduction in safety verificationChu, D.-H.; Jaffar, J. 
62001An efficient algorithm for scheduling instructions with deadline constraints on ILP processorsWu, H. ; Jaffar, J. 
72002An efficient distributed deadlock avoidance algorithm for the AND modelWu, H. ; Chin, W.-N. ; Jaffar, J. 
82009An interpolation method for CLP traversalJaffar, J. ; Santosa, A.E. ; Voicu, R. 
91999Architecture and prototype implementation of a system for individualized workflows in medical information systemsJaffar, Joxan ; Maher, Michael J.; Neumann, Gustaf
102013Boosting concolic testing via interpolationJaffar, J. ; Murali, V.; Navas, J.A.
111997Constraint Programming 2000: A Position PaperJaffar, J. ; Yap, R.H.C. 
122013Constraint-based program reasoning with heaps and separationDuck, G.J.; Jaffar, J. ; Koh, N.C.H.
132005Coordination of many agentsJaffar, J. ; Yap, R.H.C. ; Zhu, K.Q. 
142008Efficient memoization for dynamic programming with ad-hoc constraintsJaffar, J. ; Santosa, A.E. ; Voicu, R. 
152000Fast algorithm for scheduling instructions with deadline constraints on RISC machinesWu, Hui ; Jaffar, Joxan ; Yap, Roland 
162000Framework for combining analysis and verificationHeintze, N.; Jaffar, J. ; Voicu, R. 
171999Functional elimination and 0/1/All constraintsZhang, Yuanlin ; Yap, Roland H.C. ; Jaffar, Joxan 
182007Generalized committed choiceJaffar, J. ; Yap, R.H.C. ; Zhu, K.Q.
192006Indexing for dynamic abstract regionsJaffar, J. ; Yap, R.H.C. ; Zhu, K.Q.
202006Instruction scheduling with release times and deadlines on ILP processorsWu, H.; Jaffar, J. ; Xue, J.