Full Name
Santosa,Andrew Edward
(not current staff)
Santosa, A.E.
Santosa, A.
Santosa, Andrew E.
Main Affiliation


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12006A CLP method for compositional and intermittent predicate abstractionJaffar, J. ; Santosa, A.E. ; Voicu, R. 
22004A CLP proof method for timed automataJaffar, J. ; Santosa, A. ; Voicu, R. 
32008A coinduction rule for entailment of recursively defined propertiesJaffar, J. ; Santosa, A.E. ; Voicu, R. 
42007A framework for separation of concerns in concurrent programmingRamirez, R.; Santosa, A.E. 
52009An interpolation method for CLP traversalJaffar, J. ; Santosa, A.E. ; Voicu, R. 
62004Concurrent and distributed programming using constraint logic programsRamirez, R.; Santosa, A. 
72000Concurrent programming made easyRamirez, Rafael ; Santosa, Andrew E. ; Yap, Roland H.C. 
82000Declarative concurrency in JavaRamirez, R.; Santosa, A.E. 
92008Efficient memoization for dynamic programming with ad-hoc constraintsJaffar, J. ; Santosa, A.E. ; Voicu, R. 
102005Formal verification of concurrent and distributed constraint-based java programsRamirez, R.; Santosa, A.E. 
112005Modeling systems in CLPJaffar, J. ; Santosa, A.E. ; Voicu, R. 
122009Recursive abstractions for parameterized systemsJaffar, J. ; Santosa, A.E. 
132006Relative safetyJaffar, J. ; Santosa, A.E. ; Voicu, R. 
142004Scalable distributed depth-first search with greedy work stealingJaffar, J. ; Santosa, A.E. ; Yap, R.H.C. ; Zhu, K.Q. 
151-Sep-2021Smart Greybox FuzzingPham, Van-Thuan ; Bohme, Marcel; Santosa, Andrew E ; Caciulescu, Alexandru Razvan; Roychoudhury, Abhik