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14-Oct-2010A fluorescent rosamine compound selectively stains pluripotent stem cellsIm, C.-N. ; Kang, N.-Y.; Ha, H.-H. ; Bi, X.; Lee, J.J.; Park, S.-J.; Lee, S.Y. ; Vendrell, M.; Kim, Y.K. ; Lee, J.-S. ; Li, J.; Ahn, Y.H.; Feng, B.; Ng, H.-H. ; Yun, S.-W.; Chang, Y.-T. 
228-Feb-2011Accelerating fluorescent sensor discovery: Unbiased screening of a diversity-oriented BODIPY libraryLee, J.-S. ; Kim, H.K. ; Feng, S.; Vendrell, M.; Chang, Y.-T. 
320-Jan-2010Control of muscle differentiation by a mitochondria-targeted fluorophoreKim, Y.K. ; Ha, H.-H. ; Lee, J.-S. ; Bi, X.; Ahn, Y.-H.; Hajar, S.; Lee, J.-J.; Chang, Y.-T. 
42009Diversity-oriented fluorescence library approach for the discovery of sensors and probesLee, J.-S. ; Kim, Y.K. ; Vendrell, M.; Chang, Y.-T. 
59-Sep-2013Focused fluorescent probe library for metal cations and biological anionsRhee, H.-W.; Lee, S.W.; Lee, J.-S. ; Chang, Y.-T. ; Hong, J.-I.
62017Global Mapping of Protein-Lipid Interactions by Using Modified Choline-Containing Phospholipids Metabolically Synthesized in Live CellsWang, Danyang ; Du, Shubo ; Cazenave-Gassiot, Amaury ; Ge, Jingyan ; Lee, Jun-Seok ; Wenk, Markus R ; Yao, Shao Q 
72014Mechanistic elements and critical factors of cellular reprogramming revealed by stepwise global gene expression analysesPark, S.-J.; Yeo, H.C.; Kang, N.-Y.; Kim, H. ; Lin, J.; Ha, H.-H. ; Vendrell, M.; Lee, J.-S. ; Chandran, Y.; Lee, D.-Y. ; Yun, S.-W.; Chang, Y.-T. 
8May-2008Selective human serum albumin sensor from the screening of a fluorescent rosamine libraryAhn, Y.-H.; Lee, J.-S. ; Chang, Y.-T. 
97-Aug-2011Solid-phase synthesis of BODIPY dyes and development of an immunoglobulin fluorescent sensorVendrell, M.; Krishna, G.G. ; Ghosh, K.K.; Zhai, D.; Lee, J.-S. ; Zhu, Q. ; Yau, Y.H.; Shochat, S.G.; Kim, H.; Chung, J.; Chang, Y.-T. 
1015-Nov-2010Synthesis and evaluation of stilbene derivatives as a potential imaging agent of amyloid plaquesHong, M.C.; Kim, Y.K. ; Choi, J.Y.; Yang, S.Q.; Rhee, H.; Ryu, Y.H.; Choi, T.H.; Cheon, G.J.; An, G.I.; Kim, H.Y.; Kim, Y.; Kim, D.J.; Lee, J.-S. ; Chang, Y.-T. ; Lee, K.C.
1129-Jul-2009Synthesis of a BODIPY library and its application to the development of live cell glucagon imaging probeLee, J.-S. ; Kang, N.-Y. ; Yun, K.K. ; Samanta, A.; Feng, S.; Hyeong, K.K. ; Vendrell, M.; Jung, H.P.; Chang, Y.-T. 
1214-Mar-2011The binding of fluorophores to proteins depends on the cellular environmentKim, Y.K. ; Lee, J.-S. ; Bi, X.; Ha, H.-H. ; Ng, S.H.; Ahn, Y.-H.; Lee, J.-J.; Wagner, B.K.; Clemons, P.A.; Chang, Y.-T.