Full Name
Tay Teng Tiow
(not current staff)
Tay, T.-T.
Tay, T.T.
Teng, T.T.
Tiow, T.T.


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12005A compiler-controlled instruction cache architecture for an embedded low power microprocessorZhu, X.; Tay, T.T. 
2May-1990A multi-rate adaptive FIR controller for performance enhancement of a fixed controllerTay, T.T. ; Nungam, S.
32005A runtime auto scalable Power-Efficient Instruction-Cache designTiow, T.T. ; Xiaoping, Z.
42003An Object Replacement Strategy for Global Performance in Distributed Web CachingWijesundara, M.N.; Tay, T.T. 
5Nov-2008Analysis and reduction of data spikes in thin client computingSun, Y.; Tay, T.T. 
61996Application of the l1-optimal regulation strategy to a hard disk servo systemTeo, Y.T.; Tay, T.T. 
71991Auto-tuning of multivariable decoupling controllersHang, C.C. ; Tay, T.T. ; Vasnani, V.U.
82012Cluster based localization algorithm in wireless networksBao, H.; Wong, W.-C. ; Tay, T.T. 
92005Codes reallocation and prediction for power efficiency in I-cache memoryZhu, X.; Tay, T.T. 
10Dec-1995Design of a l1-optimal regulator: the limits of performance approachTeo, Y.T.; Tay, T.T. 
112005Distributed code generation using object level analysisTay, T.T. ; Chu, Y.; Sun, Y.
122000Distributed Internet caching systemTay, T.T. ; Feng, Y.; Wijeysundera, M.N.
131991Enhancement of fixed controllers via adaptive-Q disturbance estimate feedbackTay, T.T. ; Moore, J.B.
142007Functional unit selection in superscalar microprocessors for low powerYan, P.; Tiow, T.T. 
151997Fuzzy system as parameter estimator of nonlinear dynamic functionsTay, T.-T. ; Tan, S.W.
161997Fuzzy system as parameter estimator of nonlinear dynamic functionsTay, T.-T. ; Tan, S.W.
172005H.264/AVC codec: Instruction level complexity analysisXu, C.; Le, T.M. ; Tay, T.-T. 
18Apr-2005HW/SW co-design for low power arithmetic and logic unitsTiow, T.T. ; Sin, N.K.; Yan, P.
192007Improving interactive experience of thin client computing by reducing data spikesYang, S.; Tiow, T.T. 
20Feb-2009Intra-application energy reduction for microprocessor low-power designXia, X.X.; Tay, T.T.