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212016Tend to compare and tend to be fair: The relationship between social comparison sensitivity and justice sensitivityZhen S.; Yu R. 
222013The Changes of Cerebral Morphology Related to Aging in Taiwanese PopulationWang H.-L.S.; Yu R. ; Wu Y.-T.; Lee W.-Y.; Lin M.-F.; Chen C.-Y.; Shen E.-Y.
232013The Characteristic and Changes of the Event-Related Potentials (ERP) and Brain Topographic Maps before and after Treatment with rTMS in Subjective Tinnitus PatientsYang H.; Xiong H.; Yu R. ; Wang C.; Zheng Y.; Zhang X.
242016The development of the asymmetrically dominated decoy effect in young childrenZhen, S; Yu, R 
252014The feedback related negativity encodes both social rejection and explicit social expectancy violationSun, S; Yu, R 
262014The feedback-related negativity reflects "more or less" prediction error in appetitive and aversive conditionsHuang, Y; Yu, R 
272017The human amygdala parametrically encodes the intensity of specific facial emotions and their categorical ambiguityWang, S; Yu, R ; Tyszka, J.M; Zhen, S; Kovach, C; Sun, S; Huang, Y; Hurlemann, R; Ross, I.B; Chung, J.M; Mamelak, A.N; Adolphs, R; Rutishauser, U
282014The need to control for regression to the mean in social psychology studiesYu, R ; Chen, L
292014The neural correlates of the decoy effect in decisionsHu, J; Yu, R 
302016The spreading of social energy: How exposure to positive and negative social news affects behaviorYao Z.; Yu R. 
312013To Conform or Not to Conform: Spontaneous Conformity Diminishes the Sensitivity to Monetary OutcomesYu R. ; Sun S.
322015Voxel-based, brain-wide association study of aberrant functional connectivity in schizophrenia implicates thalamocortical circuitryCheng, W; Palaniyappan, L; Li, M; Kendrick, K.M; Zhang, J; Luo, Q; Liu, Z; Yu, R ; Deng, W; Wang, Q; Ma, X; Guo, W; Francis, S; Liddle, P; Mayer, A.R; Schumann, G; Li, T; Feng, J