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Cheng-Feng Chou
Chou, M.
Chou M.C.
Chou, M.C.
Chou, C.-F.M.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12007An in-depth study of the software supply chainChou, M.C. ; Ruchika, A.
22005Analysis of a software focused products and service supply chainChou, M. ; Ye, H.-Q. ; Yuan, X.-M.
32007Analysis of a software focused supply chain in photo development marketChan, Y.; Chen, X.; Chou, M. ; Goh, B.H.; Haw, C.S.; Koh, S.; Lee, H.K.; Ye, H.-Q. ; Yuan, X.-M.
42006Analysis of a software-focused products and service supply chainChou, M.C. ; Ye, H. ; Yuan, X.-M.; Cheng, Y.N.; Chua, L.; Guam, Y.; Lee, S.E.; Tay, Y.C.
52004Asymptotic performance ratio of an online algorithm for the single machine scheduling with release datesChou, C.-F.M. 
62009Benford's law and number selection in fixed-odds numbers gameChou, M.C. ; Kong, Q.; Teo, C.-P. ; Wang, Z.; Zheng, H.
72010Design for process flexibility: Efficiency of the long chain and sparse structureChou, M.C. ; Chua, G.A.; Teo, C.-P. ; Zheng, H.
82007Key issues of a software focused supply chainCao, C. ; Cecilia, S.; Chia, H.; Chou, M.C. ; Tan, C.; Teh, M.T.; Sim, S.M.; Ye, H.-Q. ; Yuan, X.-M.
92020Lessons Learned from the COVID-19 pandemic exposing the shortcomings of current supply chain operations: A long-term prescriptive offeringZhu, G.; Chou, M.C. ; Tsai, C.W.
10Nov-2013Models for effective deployment and redistribution of bicycles within public bicycle-sharing systemsShu, J.; Chou, M.C. ; Liu, Q. ; Teo, C.-P. ; Wang, I.-L.
1121-Sep-2021National Brand?s Promotional Pricing and Advertising Policies: Spillover Effect and Quality DifferenceGuiyang Zhu; Mabel Chou ; Tao Jia
122012Newsvendor pricing problem in a two-sided marketChou, M.C. ; Sim, C.K.; Teo, C.-P. ; Zheng, H.
132010On range and response: Dimensions of process flexibilityChou, M.C. ; Chua, G.A.; Teo, C.-P. 
142006On the asymptotic optimality of a simple on-line algorithm for the stochastic single-machine weighted completion time problem and its extensionsChou, M.C. ; Liu, H.; Queyranne, M.; Simchi-Levi, D.
152014On the performance of sparse process structures in partial postponement production systemsChou, M.C. ; Chua, G.A.; Zheng, H.
162013Optimal policies for inventory systems with two types of product sharing common hardware platforms: Single period and finite horizonChou, M. ; Sim, C.-K.; Yuan, X.-M.
172011Process flexibility revisited: The graph expander and its applicationsChou, M.C. ; Chua, G.A.; Teo, C.-P. ; Zheng, H.
182008Process flexibility: Design, evaluation, and applicationsChou, M.C. ; Teo, C.-P. ; Zheng, H.
192015Stowage planning for container ships: A heuristic algorithm to reduce the number of shiftsDing D.; Chou M.C. 
202006The asymptotic performance ratio of an on-line algorithm for uniform parallel machine scheduling with release datesChou, M.C. ; Queyranne, M.; Simchi-Levi, D.