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Chew, L.
Chew, L.


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11-Aug-2012A clinical decision support tool to predict survival in cancer patients beyond 120 days after palliative chemotherapyNg, T.; Chew, L. ; Yap, C.W. 
22020A study protocol for HEalth-Related quality of life-intervention in survivors of Breast and other cancers experiencing cancer-related fatigue using TraditionAL Chinese Medicine: the HERBAL trialYap, N.Y.; Loo, W.S.; Zheng, H.F.; Tan, Q.M.; Tan, T.K.; Quek, L.Y.P.; Tan, C.J.; Toh, Y.L.; Ng, C.C. ; Ang, S.K.; Tan, V.K.M.; Ho, H.K. ; Chew, L. ; Loh, K.W.-J.; Tan, T.J.Y.; Chan, A.
3Mar-2013Clinical pharmacy services and research for lymphoma patients at a cancer centerChan, A. ; Shih, V.; Chiang, J.; Chew, L. ; Tay, K.; Quek, R.; Tao, M.; Lim, S.T.
42009Cutaneous reaction associated with weekly docetaxel administrationChew, L. ; Chuen, V.S.L.
52008Evolving roles of oncology pharmacists in Singapore: A survey on prescribing patterns of antiemetics for chemotherapy induced nausea and vomiting (CINV) at a cancer centreChan, A. ; Shih, V.; Chew, L. 
6Apr-2012Knowledge of prescription medications among cancer patients aged 65years and aboveSi, P.; Koo, K.N.; Poon, D.; Chew, L. 
728-Jul-2011Pilot study on developing a decision support tool for guiding re-administration of chemotherapeutic agent after a serious adverse drug reactionLoke, P.Y.; Chew, L. ; Yap, C.W. 
8Oct-2017Prevalence and Determinants of Adherence to Oral Adjuvant Endocrine Therapy among Breast Cancer Patients in Singapore.Ali, Eskinder Eshetu; Cheung, Ka Lok ; Lee, Chee Ping; Leow, Jo Lene ; Yap, Kevin Yi-Lwern ; Chew, Lita 
9Jun-2013Primary CNS germ cell tumors: Current epidemiology and update on treatmentThakkar, J.P.; Chew, L. ; Villano, J.L.
10Jun-2013Primary CNS germ cell tumors: Current epidemiology and update on treatmentThakkar, J.P.; Chew, L. ; Villano, J.L.
11May-2013The impact of medication therapy management in older oncology patientsYeoh, T.T.; Si, P.; Chew, L. 
122010Transient bilateral abducens neuropathy with post-tetanic facilitation and acute hypokalemia associated with oxaliplatin: A case reportTan M.-H.; Chay W.Y. ; Ng J.H.; Teh B.T. ; Chew L.