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Foong May Yeong
Foong, M.Y.
Yeong, F.M.


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12004Anaphase-Promoting Complex in Caenorhabditis elegansYeong, F.M. 
2May-2012CHFR: A key checkpoint component implicated in a wide range of cancersSanbhnani, S.; Yeong, F.M. 
31-Jan-2012Dependence of Chs2 ER export on dephosphorylation by cytoplasmic Cdc14 ensures that septum formation follows mitosisChin, C.F.; Bennett, A.M.; Ma, W.K.; Hall, M.C.; Yeong, F.M. 
42006Exit from mitosis triggers Chs2p transport from the endoplasmic reticulum to mother-daughter neck via the secretory pathway in budding yeastZhang, G.; Kashimshetty, R. ; Kwee, E.N.; Heng, B.T. ; Foong, M.Y. 
52003Identification of a Subunit of a Novel Kleisin-β/SMC Complex as a Potential Substrate of Protein Phosphatase 2AYeong, F.M. ; Hombauer, H.; Mudrak, I.; Loregger, T.; Ogris, E.; Wendt, K.S.; Hirota, T.; Mechtler, K.; Tanaka, K.; Peters, J.-M.; Marchler-Bauer, A.
6Dec-2012Moving away from dogmatic knowledge dissemination in a cell biology module: Examples from SingaporeYeong, F.M. 
7May-2013Multi-step down-regulation of the secretory pathway in mitosis: A fresh perspective on protein traffickingYeong, F.M. 
82009Retention of Chs2p in the ER requires N-terminal CDK1-phosphorylation sitesEe, M.T.; Chuan, C.C.; Foong, M.Y. 
92009Retention of Chs2p in the ER requires N-terminal CDK1-phosphorylation sites.Teh, E.M.; Chai, C.C.; Yeong, F.M. 
102010Safeguarding entry into mitosis: The antephase checkpointCHIN CHEEN FEI ; Yeong, F.M. 
112005Severing all ties between mother and daughter: Cell separation in budding yeastYeong, F.M. 
12Feb-2012The complexity of life: Can life be simply defined?Yeong, F.M. 
132016Timely Endocytosis of Cytokinetic Enzymes Prevents Premature Spindle Breakage during Mitotic ExitCHIN CHEEN FEI ; Tan K.; Onishi M.; Chew Y.; Augustine B.; Lee W.R.; Yeong F.M. 
1415-Jul-2010Unrestrained spindle elongation during recovery from spindle checkpoint activation in cdc15-2 cells results in mis-segregation of chromosomesChai, C.C.; Teh, E.M.; Yeong, F.M. 
1518-Nov-2019Use of a competency framework to explore the benefits of student-generated multiple-choice questions (MCQs) on student engagementFoong Yeong ; Cheen Chin ; Aik-Ling Tan
162021Using Asynchronous, Online Discussion Forums to Explore How Life Sciences Students Approach an Ill-Structured ProblemYeong, Foong May 
172015Using primary literature in an undergraduate assignment: Demonstrating connections among cellular processesYeong Foong May