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11-Nov-2021Visual impact assessment of coloured Building-integrated photovoltaics on retrofitted building facades using saliency mappingSun, H; Heng, CK ; Reindl, T ; Lau, SSY
22021Tissue factor cytoplasmic domain exacerbates post-infarct left ventricular remodeling via orchestrating cardiac inflammation and angiogenesisChong, Suet Yen ; Zharkova, Olga ; Yatim, Siti Maryam JM; Wang, Xiaoyuan ; Lim, Xiong Chang; Huang, Chenyuan; Tan, Chia Yee; Jiang, Jianming ; Ye, Lei ; Tan, Michelle Siying ; Angeli, Veronique; Versteeg, Henri H; Dewerchin, Mieke; Carmeliet, Peter; Lam, Carolyn SP ; Chan, Mark Y ; de Kleijn, Dominique PV ; Wang, Jiong-Wei 
31-Jan-2008QuikFix a repair-based timetable solverClark, M ; Henz, M ; Love, M.
41-Jul-2021Patient similarity analytics for explainable clinical risk predictionFang, Hao Sen Andrew; Tan, Ngiap Chuan; Tan, Wei Ying ; Oei, Ronald Wihal; Lee, Mong Li ; Hsu, Wynne 
52020Paterson-Brown Kelly Syndrome (also commonly known as Plummer-Vinson Syndrome)Goh, W.G.W.; Ng, D.C.Y.; Ng, J.X. ; Lim, K.T.
66-Jan-2021LDL-cholesterol change and goal attainment following statin intensity titration among Asians in primary care: a retrospective cohort studyFang, Hao Sen Andrew; Gao, Qiao ; Lee, Mong Li ; Hsu, Wynne ; Tan, Ngiap Chuan
720-Aug-2021Influence of fragment size on post transplantation growth and survival of domed scleractinian coralsYuichi Preslie Kikuzawa; Chin Soon Lionel Ng ; Wan Ting Sim; Loke Ming Chou; Tai Chong Toh ; Shu Qin Sam 
8Sep-2000GIFT: A Generic Interface for Reusing Filtering AlgorithmsNg, Ka Boon; Choi, Chui Wo; Henz, Martin ; Muller, Tobias 
91-Dec-2000Figaro: Yet another constraint programming libraryHenz, M ; Miiller, T ; Ka Boon, N
102018Evaluation of the luminex ARIES HSV 1&2 assay and comparison with the FTD neuro 9 and in-house real-time PCR assays for detecting herpes simplex virusesLee, C.K.; Chai, C.N.; Capinpin, S.M.; Ang, A.; Ng, S.Y.; Lee, P.L.; Ng, C.W.S.; Yan, G.; Lee, H.K.; Chiu, L.-L.; Jureen, R.; Yan, B.; Loh, T.P. 
1123-Aug-2016Effects of visual feedback on motion mimicry ability during video-based rehabilitationVanessa Wei-Lin Mak; Jin Huat Low ; Matthew Chin Heng Chua ; Chen-Hua Yeow 
121-Jan-2015Converting motorised sailing yachts to carbon-neutral vesselsHenz, M ; Weigl, JD ; Lowell, E ; Yee, EKM
131-Sep-2020Comment on “Flying by the Sun only: The Solarcopter prototype” by Shaheed et al. [Aerosp. Sci. Technol. 45 (2015) 209–214]Goh, CS; Kuan, JR; Yeo, JH; Herdianto, H; Irwanto, A; Ng, D; Teo, BS ; Henz, M ; Danner, A 
142000An Overview of Finite Domain Constraint ProgrammingHenz, M ; Muller, T 
1512-Nov-2021Amorphous CdO-In2O3Electrode for Perovskite-Based Bifacial and Tandem Photovoltaic Technologies with High Energy ProductionCheng, Yuanhang ; Zeng, Zixin; LIU TIANYUAN ; Wang, Ying; Rodríguez-Gallegos, Carlos D; LIU HAOHUI ; Liu, Xixia; Thway, Maung; Khup, David; Khaing, Aung Myint; Yu, Kin Man; Tsang, Sai-Wing; Lin, F.