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Xu Jun
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Jun, X.
Xu, J.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12010A gain-varying UIO approach with adaptive threshold for FDI of nonlinear F16 systemsXu, J. ; Lum, K.Y. ; Loh, A.P. 
2Jun-2011A novel H∞ UIO design for actuator FDI in finite frequency domainLum, K.Y. ; Xu, J. ; Xie, L.; Loh, A.P. 
32009A novel UIO-based approach for fault detection and isolation in finite frequency domainLum, K.Y. ; Xu, J. ; Xie, L.; Loh, A.P. 
42008A scaling LMI approach to output feedback control of discrete-time LTI systemsXu, J. ; De Souza, C.E.; Xie, L.
52007A SOS-based approach to residual generators for discrete-time polynomial nonlinear systemsXu, J. ; Lum, K.Y. ; Loh, A.P. ; Xie, L.
62007An improved approach to robust H2 and H∞ filter design for uncertain linear systems with time-varying parametersJun, X. ; Lihua, X.
73-Jan-2013Consensus of multi-agent systems with general linear dynamics via dynamic output feedback controlXu, J. ; Xie, L.; Li, T.; Lum, K.Y.
82012Cooperative control in HNMSim - A 3D hybrid networked MAS simulatorXu, J. ; Xie, L.; Khanna, N.; Chee, W.H.
930-Oct-2000Differential capacitive low-g microaccelerometer with m g resolutionTay, F.E.H. ; Xu, J. ; Logeeswaran, V.J. 
102012Distributed coverage control under generalized locational optimization frameworkJun, X. ; Jinwen, H.; Lihua, X.; Lum, K.-Y.
112011Dynamic consensus and formation: Fixed and switching topologiesXu, J. ; Li, T.; Xie, L.; Lum, K.Y. 
12Dec-1999Effects of non-parallel plates in a differential capacitive microaccelerometerTay, F.E.H. ; Jun, X. ; Liang, Y.C. ; Logeeswaran, V.J. ; Yufeng, Y.
132010Extended blending techniques with applications in robust tracking control and fault-tolerant controlXu, J. ; Xie, L.; Lum, K.Y. 
142009Fault detection and isolation for nonlinear F16 models using A gain-varying UIO approachXu, J. ; Lum, K.Y. ; Loh, A.P. 
152012Fault detection and isolation of nonlinear systems: An unknown input observer approach with sum-of-squares techniquesXu, J. ; Lum, K.-Y.; Xie, L.; Loh, A.-P. 
162010FDI of disturbed nonlinear systems: A nonlinear UIO approach with SOS techniquesXu, J. ; Lum, K.Y. ; Xie, L.; Loh, A.P. 
172012FDI UIOs with multiple considerations for flight systems: An LMI approachXu, J. ; Peng, K. ; Lum, K.Y.
182010Hammerstein model-based correlation UIO method for fault detection of nonlinear flight control systemsLum, K.-Y. ; Xu, J. ; Loh, A.-P. 
192012HNMSim: A 3D multi-purpose hybrid networked multi-agent simulatorJun, X. ; Lihua, X.; Toh, T.G.; Toh, Y.K.
202012Improved stability criteria for piecewise affine systems based on partition- and vertex-dependent Lyapunov functionsXu, J. ; Xie, L.