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12018Wider perioperative glycemic fluctuations increase risk of postoperative atrial fibrillation and ICU length of staySim M.A.; Liu W. ; CHEW TSONG HUEY, SOPHIA ; Ti L.K. 
2Jun-2012What is the role of autologous blood transfusion in major spine surgery?Kumar, N. ; Chen, Y.; Nath, C.; Liu, E.H. 
3May-2023What does the anesthesiologist need to know about monkeypox?Teo, Chao Tong; Wu, Jiawei Sean; Chan, Karen; Ng, Su Wei Bryan ; Somani, Jyoti ; Loh, Will
4Jun-2001Volatile essential oil constituents of Alpinia smithiae (Zingiberaceae)Joseph, R.; Joseph, T. ; Joseph, J.
51-Jan-2016Video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery atrial clipping for atrial fibrillationMithiran, H; Sule, J; Sazzad, F ; Ong, Y ; Kah Ti, L ; Kofidis, T 
61998Vecuronium, like rocuronium, causes pain on injection [9]Ti, L.K. ; Dhara, S.S. 
71998Vecuronium, like rocuronium, causes pain on injection [9]Ti, L.K. ; Dhara, S.S. 
82008Vasoconstrictive effect of hydrogen sulfide involves downregulation of cAMP in vascular smooth muscle cellsJia, J.L. ; Liu, Y.-H. ; Khin, E.S.W.; Bian, J.-S. 
91993Validation of APACHE II score in a surgical intensive care unit.Chen, F.G. ; Koh, K.F.; Goh, M.H.
10Aug-1993Validation of APACHE II score in a surgical intensive care unit.Chen, F.G. ; Koh, K.F. ; Goh, M.H.
11Apr-2009Use of the pentax-aws® in 293 patients with difficult airwaysAsai, T.; Liu, E.H. ; Matsumoto, S.; Hirabayashi, Y.; Seo, N.; Suzuki, A.; Toi, T.; Yasumoto, K.; Okuda, Y.
122000Use of sedation in dentistry.Ong, K.S. ; Tan, J.M.; Chong, W.L.; Yeo, J.F. ; Lee, T.L.
132020Use of GoPro point-of-view camera in intubation simulation—A randomized controlled trialKoh, W.; Khoo, D.; Terry Pan, L.T.; Lean, L.L.; Loh, M.-H.; Vanessa Chua, T.Y.; Ti, Lian Kah 
148-Jul-2020Use of GoPro Point-Of-View Camera in Intubation Simulation – a Randomized Controlled TrialKoh Wenjun; Khoo Xian Li Deborah; PAN LING TE TERRY ; Lean Lyn Li; LOH MAY-HAN ; CHUA TZE YUH VANESSA ; TI LIAN KAH 
153-Jun-2023Use of Bilateral Brachial Plexus Catheters via Costoclavicular Approach with Programmed Intermittent Boluses of Local Anaesthesia for Analgesia, Sympatholysis and Improved Graft Survival following Complex Microsurgical Repair of Damaged Structures in Both HandsLeong, Siaw May 
164-Jun-2023Use of Artificial Intelligence (AI)-assisted Imaging for Teaching Point of Care Cardiac Ultrasound - a pilot studyKoh, Zheng Ning; Lee, Eunice; Paranjothy, Suresh ; Agrawal, Rohit ; Ponnamperuma, P; Leong, Siaw May 
17Apr-2008Use of a bougie to overcome malposition of the Airway Scope during difficult tracheal intubationTan, B.H.; Narasimhan, U. ; Liu, E.H.C. 
18Oct-1993Unilateral pneumothorax - an unexpected complication of laparoscopic cholecystectomySeow, L.T.; Khoo, S.T. 
192006Unilateral bronchospasm after interpleural analgesia with bupivacaine [2]Lee, T.L. 
207-May-2020Ultra-portable low-cost improvised powered air-purifying respirator: feasibility study.Khoo, Deborah; Yen, Ching-Chiuan ; Chow, Wai Tung ; Jain, Pravar; Loh, Ne-Hooi Will ; Teo, Wei Wei; Koh, Calvin