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120-Mar-2019Witness to the Thousand-Yard Stare: Civilian Imagination of Service Members' Mental Injuries in WartimeWalter Wade 
2Nov-2011"War on terror" is a curative: Recontextualization and political myth-making in gloria macapagal-arroyo's 2002-2004 state of the nation addressesSegarra Navera, G. 
322-Oct-2019Using semantic gravity profiling to develop critical reflectionMark Brooke 
430-Aug-2014Understanding the growth of ESL paragraph writing skills and its relationships with linguistic featuresVahid Aryadoust 
51990Theme in the Daily PressFrancis, G. 
6Jun-2008The use of listener responses in Mandarin Chinese and Australian English conversationsXudong, D. 
7Jul-2007The use of engagement resources in high- and low-rated undergraduate geography essaysSiew Mei, W. 
8Jun-2003The use of chat rooms in an ESL settingYuan, Y. 
91-Jan-2018The semantics of logical connectors: Therefore, moreover and in factWong, JO 
102010The Quiapo cinémathèque: Transnational DVDs and alternative modernities in the heart of ManilaTrice, J.N. 
11Feb-2011The new challenge of the mother tongues: The future of Philippine postcolonial language politicsTupas, T.R.F. 
1220-Feb-2019The analytical lens: developing undergraduate students' critical dispositions in undergraduate EAP writing coursesMark Brooke ; Laetitia Monbec ; Namala Tilakaratna 
13Nov-2010The "triple articulation" of languageWong, J. 
142003Teaching English to Students from ChinaLaina Ho ; J.E. Meyer ; Chitra Varaprasad ; Carissa Young ; Lee Gek Ling 
151-Jan-2018Teaching academic literacy using popular science texts: A case studyWu, SM ; Lee, SH; Chan, ECY 
162014Singapore English and styling the Ah BengBrown, D.W. ; Jie, T.S.
17Jan-2012Review of doctoral research in English language education in the Philippines, Singapore and Malaysia (2007-2010)Rubdy, R.; Tupas, T.R.F. ; Villareal, C.D.; David, M.K.; Dumanig, F.P.
18Apr-2009Research in applied linguistics and language teaching and learning in Singapore (2000-2007)Rubdy, R.; Tupas, T.R.F. 
191-Jan-2010Quality, semantics and the two culturesPoole, B. 
2027-Apr-2016Predicting EFL Reader Ability from Lexical and Grammatical Knowledge Using a Perceptron Artificial Neural NetworkSeyed Vahid Aryadoust