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1Sep-2011Working at cross-purposes: Multiple producers and textimage relationsMarissa, K.L.E. ; O'Halloran, K.L. ; Judd, K.
220-Mar-2019Witness to the Thousand-Yard Stare: Civilian Imagination of Service Members' Mental Injuries in WartimeWalter Wade 
31-Jan-2021What the progressive aspect tells us about processesZhou, Z 
4Nov-2011"War on terror" is a curative: Recontextualization and political myth-making in gloria macapagal-arroyo's 2002-2004 state of the nation addressesNavera, Gene Segarra 
52011"WAR ON TERROR" IS A CURATIVE: Recontextualization and Political Myth-making in Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo's 2002-2004 State of the Nation AddressesNAVERA, GS 
6Dec-2020Valuation discourses and disciplinary positioning struggles of academic researchers—A case study of ‘maverick’ academicsHah, Sixian 
719-Jul-2017Using semantic waves to guide students through the research process: from adopting a stance to sound cohesive academic writingBrooke, Mark 
822-Oct-2019Using semantic gravity profiling to develop critical reflectionMark Brooke 
923-Jul-2020Using a criterion-referenced rubric to enhance student learning: a case study in a critical thinking and writing modulePui, Priscillia; Yuen, Brenda ; Goh, Happy 
1030-Aug-2014Understanding the growth of ESL paragraph writing skills and its relationships with linguistic featuresVahid Aryadoust 
111-Jan-2019Two ways of saying ‘Thank you’ in Hong Kong cantonese: M-Goi vs. Do-ZeWong, J ; Liu, C
121-Jan-2020Two conceptions of omissionsZhou, Z 
13Nov-2020Trekking the Educator Track at a Research-Intensive University: Five Accounts of Different Career LevelsBrooke, Mark ; Lee, Koi Cheng; So-Sum Wai-Cook, Misty ; Segarra Navera, Gene ; Tang Kum Khuan, Jonathan
141990Theme in the Daily PressFrancis, G. 
15Jun-2008The use of listener responses in Mandarin Chinese and Australian English conversationsXudong, D. 
16Jul-2007The use of engagement resources in high- and low-rated undergraduate geography essaysSiew Mei, W. 
17Jun-2003The use of chat rooms in an ESL settingYuan, Y. 
182015The structural basis of Miranda-mediated Staufen localization during Drosophila neuroblast asymmetric divisionJia, M; Shan, Z; Yang, Y ; Liu, C; Li, J; Luo, Z.-G; Zhang, M; Cai, Y ; Wen, W; Wang, W
191-Jan-2022The slanted beam: A critical discourse analysis of anti-Islam and anti-Muslim discourse in ChinaLan, TX; Navera, GS 
201-Dec-2020The Singlish interjection bojioWong, Jock Onn