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Hock Hai Teo
Teo, Hock-Hai
Hai, T.H.
Teo, H.H.
Teo, H.-H.
Hock-Hai, T.


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12007A conceptual model for IT-enabled enterprise risk management in financial organisationsOh, L.-B. ; Phua, T.-W.; Teo, H.-H. 
22005A human capital perspective of organizational intention to adopt open source softwareLi, Y. ; Tan, C.-H. ; Teo, H.-H. ; Siow, A. 
32006A psychological reactance perspective on the time and functionality restrictions of free trial software: Are you willing to evaluate the software?Yang, X.; Teo, H.-H. ; Tan, C.-H. 
42006A value-based approach to developing a multi-channel shopper typologyOh, L.-B. ; Teo, H.-H. 
52011Achieving high performing supply networks through value network transparencyGoswami, S.; Ravichandran, T.; Teo, H.H. ; Krcmar, H.
62005An empirical investigation of the auction buyer's choice to buy out or bid: Cry of regret or laugh of satisfaction?Tan, C.-H. ; Yang, X.; Teo, H.-H. ; Lin, G.
72013An empirical study of information contribution to online feedback systems: A motivation perspectiveTong, Y.; Wang, X. ; Tan, C.-H.; Teo, H.-H. 
82003An empirical study of the effects of interactivity on web user attitudeTeo, H.-H. ; Oh, L.-B. ; Liu, C.; Wei, K.-K.
92005An evaluation of novice end-user computing performance: Data modeling, query writing, and comprehensionChan, H.C. ; Teo, H.H. ; Zeng, X.H.
102006An experimental study of the factors influencing non-work related use of IT resources at workplaceZhang, D. ; Oh, L.-B. ; Teo, H.-H. 
112005An investigation of book market aggregation in AmazonTan, C.-H. ; Yang, X.; Chan, Y.-P.; Teo, H.-H. 
122007An investigation of online group-buying institution and buyer behaviorTan, C.-H. ; Goh, K.-Y. ; Teo, H.-H. 
132010Assessing screening and evaluation decision support systems: A resource-matching approachTan, C.-H.; Teo, H.-H. ; Benbasat, I.
142009Blogging to express self and social identities, any one?Tan, W.-K. ; Teo, H.-H. 
152022Breaking Online Tribalism: Motivated Reasoning, Empathy and PolarizationZhai, Yingda ; Lin, Fangshi ; Teo, Hock Hai 
162006Buyout option & reserve price in online auctions: Should i bid or buy out?Tan, C.-H. ; Goh, K.-Y. ; Teo, H.-H. ; Sim, K.-S.
172006Buyout option & reserve price in online auctions: Should i bid or buy out?Tan, C.-H. ; Goh, K.-Y.; Teo, H.-H. ; Sim, K.-S.
182012Can information technology bridge knowledge distance in organizational open innovation? An absorptive capacity perspectiveCui, T.; Tong, Y.; Teo, H.H. 
192011Conceptualizing and testing a social cognitive model of the digital divideWei, K.-K.; Teo, H.-H. ; Chan, H.C. ; Tan, B.C.Y. 
202010Consumer value co-creation in a hybrid commerce service-delivery systemOh, L.-B.; Teo, H.-H.