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Jaydeep Saha


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118-Nov-2022A Futuristic Silicon-Carbide (SiC) Based Electric- Vehicle Fast Charging/Discharging (FC/dC) StationJAYDEEP SAHA ; NISHANT KUMAR ; Sanjib K Panda 
225-Jan-2023A Modulation Strategy with Transformer Leakage Inductance Energy Management for a Three-Phase Matrix-based Isolated AC-DC ConverterJAYDEEP SAHA ; NAGA BRAHMENDRA YADAV GORLA; Panda, S.K. 
322-Mar-2023Adaptive Grid-Supportive Control for Solar-Power Integrated Electric-Vehicle Fast Charging StationJaydeep Saha ; Nishant Kumar ; Sanjib K Panda 
420-Nov-2020Analysis of Balance Controllers for Cascaded Modular Solid-State Transformer during Steady-state, Transient and Fault ConditionsNAGA BRAHMENDRA YADAV GORLA ; JAYDEEP SAHA ; Panda, S.K. 
513-Dec-2021Analytical Expression-Based Modulation for Soft-Switched Matrix-Based Dual-Active-Bridge (S2MB-DAB) Single-Phase AC-DC ConverterJAYDEEP SAHA ; NAGA BRAHMENDRA YADAV GORLA ; Panda, S.K. 
619-Jun-2022Comparative Overview of Power Balance Control for Two-stage and Single-stage Isolated MVAC-LVDC Cascaded ConvertersJAYDEEP SAHA ; NAGA BRAHMENDRA YADAV GORLA ; Panda, S.K. 
713-Nov-2021Computational Feasibility of Multi-objective Optimal Design Techniques for Grid-Connected Multi-cell Solid-State-TransformersJAYDEEP SAHA ; NAGA BRAHMENDRA YADAV GORLA ; ARAVINTH SUBRAMANIAM ; Panda, S.K. 
815-Oct-2021Implementation of Power Balance Control Scheme for a Cascaded Matrix-Based Dual-Active-Bridge (CMB-DAB) MVAC-LVDC ConverterJaydeep Saha ; Naga Brahmendra Yadav Gorla ; Sanjib Kumar Panda 
91-Mar-2023Overview and comparative analysis of bidirectional cascaded modular isolated medium-voltage AC–low-voltage DC (MVAC-LVDC) power conversion for renewable energy rich microgridsJAYDEEP SAHA ; Sanjib K Panda 
1014-Dec-2022Solid State Transformers (SSTs): A Potential Game Changer for Future Power Distribution GridsJaydeep Saha ; NAGA BRAHMENDRA YADAV GORLA ; Sanjib K Panda 
1111-Jan-2023Transformation of Existing Commercial Building Cluster Towards Renewable Rich Microgrid: A Case Study for Marina Bay Sands SingaporeJAYDEEP SAHA ; Sanjib K Panda