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12020Contact- and Water-Mediated Effects of Macroalgae on the Physiology and Microbiome of Three Indo-Pacific Coral SpeciesFong, J. ; Deignan, L.K.; Bauman, A.G. ; Steinberg, P.D.; McDougald, D.; Todd, P.A. 
21-Jul-2021Fear effects and group size interact to shape herbivory on coral reefsBauman, Andrew G. ; Hoey, Andrew S.; Dunshea, Glenn; Fong, Jenny ; Chan, Ian Z. W. ; Todd, Peter A. 
31-Jan-2021Mandatory annuitization and money's worth: Evidence from SingaporeFong, JH ; Li, J
419-Jun-2021Plastic responses in the coral Pocillopora acuta to extreme low light conditions with and without food provisionJENNY FONG ; DU ROSA CELIA POQUITA ; PETER ALAN TODD 
51-Oct-2022Priorities to inform research on marine plastic pollution in Southeast Asia.Omeyer, Lucy CM; Duncan, Emily M; Aiemsomboon, Kornrawee; Beaumont, Nicola; Bureekul, Sujaree; Cao, Bin; Carrasco, Luis R ; Chavanich, Suchana; Clark, James R; Cordova, Muhammad R; Couceiro, Fay; Cragg, Simon M; Dickson, Neil; Failler, Pierre; Ferraro, Gianluca; Fletcher, Stephen; Fong, Jenny ; Ford, Alex T; Gutierrez, Tony; Hamid, Fauziah Shahul; Hiddink, Jan G; Hoa, Pham T ; Holland, Sophie I; Jones, Lowenna; Jones, Nia H; Koldewey, Heather; Lauro, Federico M; Lee, Charlotte; Lewis, Matt; Marks, Danny; Matallana-Surget, Sabine; Mayorga-Adame, Claudia G; McGeehan, John; Messer, Lauren F; Michie, Laura; Miller, Michelle A ; Mohamad, Zeeda F; Nor, Nur Hazimah Mohamed; Müller, Moritz; Neill, Simon P; Nelms, Sarah E; Onda, Deo Florence L; Ong, Joyce JL ; Pariatamby, Agamuthu; Phang, Sui C; Quilliam, Richard; Robins, Peter E; Salta, Maria; Sartimbul, Aida; Shakuto, Shiori ; Skov, Martin W; Taboada, Evelyn B; Todd, Peter A ; Toh, Tai Chong ; Valiyaveettil, Suresh ; Viyakarn, Voranop; Wonnapinij, Passorn; Wood, Louisa E; Yong, Clara LX; Godley, Brendan J
620-Aug-2021Spatio-temporal dynamics of coral-macroalgal interactions and their impacts on coral growth on urbanised reefsJENNY FONG ; PETER ALAN TODD