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130-Jun-2023A Dietary Pattern for High Estimated Total Fat Amount Is Associated with Enhanced Allergy Sensitization and Atopic Diseases among Singapore/Malaysia Young Chinese AdultsLim, Jun Jie; Reginald, Kavita; Say, Yee-How ; Liu, Mei Hui ; Chew, Fook Tim 
21-Jun-2021Epidemiological Risk Factors Associated with Acne Vulgaris Presentation, Severity, and Scarring in a Singapore Chinese Population: A Cross-Sectional StudyHeng, Anna Hwee Sing; Say, Yee-How ; Sio, Yang Yie ; Ng, Yu Ting ; Chew, Fook Tim 
313-Apr-2021Gene variants associated with acne vulgaris presentation and severity: a systematic review and meta-analysisHeng, Anna Hwee Sing; Say, Yee-How ; Sio, Yang Yie ; Ng, Yu Ting; Chew, Fook Tim 
427-Mar-2021Modifiable and non-modifiable epidemiological risk factors for acne, acne severity and acne scarring among Malaysian Chinese: a cross-sectional studySay, Yee-How ; Heng, Anna Hwee Sing; Reginald, Kavita; Wong, Yi Ru; Teh, Keng Foo; Rawanan Shah, Smyrna Moti; Sio, Yang Yie ; Ng, Yu Ting ; Matta, Sri Anusha; Pang, Sze Lei ; Chew, Fook Tim 
513-Jul-2021Sensitization to Airborne Fungal Allergens Associates with Asthma and Allergic Rhinitis Presentation and Severity in the Singaporean/Malaysian PopulationSio, Yang Yie ; Pang, Sze Lei ; Say, Yee-How ; Teh, Keng Foo; Wong, Yi Ru; Shah, Smyrna Moti Rawanan; Reginald, Kavita; Chew, Fook Tim 
619-Jun-2023The ERBB2 Exonic Variant Pro1170Ala Modulates Mitogen-Activated Protein Kinase Signaling Cascades and Associates with Allergic AsthmaSio, Yang Yie ; Gan, Wei Liang; Ng, Wing Shan; Matta, Sri Anusha ; Say, Yee-How ; Teh, Keng Foo; Wong, Yi Ru; Rawanan Shah, Smyrna Moti; Reginald, Kavita; Chew, Fook Tim