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11-Jun-2021Epidemiological Risk Factors Associated with Acne Vulgaris Presentation, Severity, and Scarring in a Singapore Chinese Population: A Cross-Sectional StudyHeng, Anna Hwee Sing; Say, Yee-How ; Sio, Yang Yie ; Ng, Yu Ting ; Chew, Fook Tim 
221-Apr-2022Golgin A7 family member B (GOLGA7B) is a plausible novel gene associating high glycaemic index diet with acne vulgarisSay, Yee-How; Sio, Yang Yie ; Heng, Anna Hwee Sing; Ng, Yu Ting ; Matta, Sri Anusha; Pang, Sze Lei ; Teh, Keng Foo; Wong, Yi Ru; Shah, Smyrna Moti Rawanan; Reginald, Kavita; Chew, Fook Tim 
313-Jan-2021IgE-binding residues analysis of the house dust mite allergen Der p 23Pang, Sze Lei ; Matta, Sri Anusha; Sio, Yang Yie ; Ng, Yu Ting ; Say, Yee-How; Ng, Chyan Leong; Chew, Fook Tim 
427-Mar-2021Modifiable and non-modifiable epidemiological risk factors for acne, acne severity and acne scarring among Malaysian Chinese: a cross-sectional studySay, Yee-How ; Heng, Anna Hwee Sing; Reginald, Kavita; Wong, Yi Ru; Teh, Keng Foo; Rawanan Shah, Smyrna Moti; Sio, Yang Yie ; Ng, Yu Ting ; Matta, Sri Anusha; Pang, Sze Lei ; Chew, Fook Tim 
52020The Asthma-associated PER1-like domain-containing protein 1 (PERLD1) Haplotype Influences Soluble Glycosylphosphatidylinositol Anchor Protein (sGPI-AP) Levels in Serum and Immune Cell ProliferationSio, Y.Y.; Anantharaman, R. ; Lee, S.Q.E.; Matta, S.A. ; Ng, Y.T. ; Chew, F.T.