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Yiwen Zeng
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
124-Feb-2021Carbon prospecting in tropical forests for climate change mitigationKoh, Lian Pin ; Zeng, Yiwen ; Sarira, Tasya Vadya ; Siman, Kelly 
211-May-2021Critical Dependence of Butterflies on a Non-native Host Plant in the Urban TropicsJain, Anuj ; Zeng, Yiwen ; Webb, Edward L. 
317-Aug-2020Economic and social constraints of reforestation for climate mitigation in Southeast AsiaYiwen Zeng ; Tasya Vadya Sarira ; L. Roman Carrasco; Kwek Yan Chong ; Daniel A. Friess ; Janice Ser Huay Lee; Pierre Taillardat ; Thomas A. Worthington; Yuchen Zhang ; Lian Pin Koh 
410-Sep-2022Future land-use competition constrains natural climate solutionsZheng, Qiming ; Siman, Kelly ; Zeng, Yiwen ; Teo, Hoong Chen ; Sarira, Tasya Vadya ; Sreekar Rachakonda ; Koh, Lian Pin 
51-Mar-2021Global urban reforestation can be an important natural climate solutionTeo, Hoong Chen ; Zeng, Yiwen ; Sarira, Tasya Vadya ; Fung, Tze Kwan ; Zheng, Qiming ; Song, Xiao Ping ; Chong, Kwek Yan ; Koh, Lian Pin 
616-Mar-2021Invasive species trait-based risk assessment for non-native freshwater fishes in a tropical city basin in Southeast AsiaChan, Joleen ; Zeng, Yiwen ; Yeo, Darren C. J. 
716-Dec-2020Predictor complexity and feature selection affect Maxent model transferability: Evidence from global freshwater invasive speciesLow, Bi Wei ; Zeng, Yiwen ; Tan, Heok Hui ; Yeo, Darren C. J. 
812-Jan-2021The redclaw crayfish: A prominent aquaculture species with invasive potential in tropical and subtropical biodiversity hotspotsHaubrock, Phillip J.; Oficialdegui, Francisco J.; Zeng, Yiwen ; Patoka, Jiri; Yeo, Darren C. J. ; Kouba, Antonin