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Qiming Zheng
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11-Dec-2021A feasible framework to downscale NPP-VIIRS nighttime light imagery using multi-source spatial variables and geographically weighted regressionYe, Yang; Huang, Linyan; Zheng, Qiming ; Liang, Chenxin; Dong, Baiyu; Deng, Jinsong; Han, Xiuzhen
224-Jan-2021Artificial light at night advances spring phenology in the united statesZheng, Qiming ; Teo, Hoong Chen ; Koh, Lian Pin 
310-Sep-2022Future land-use competition constrains natural climate solutionsZheng, Qiming ; Siman, Kelly ; Zeng, Yiwen ; Teo, Hoong Chen ; Sarira, Tasya Vadya ; Sreekar Rachakonda ; Koh, Lian Pin 
41-Mar-2021Global urban reforestation can be an important natural climate solutionTeo, Hoong Chen ; Zeng, Yiwen ; Sarira, Tasya Vadya ; Fung, Tze Kwan ; Zheng, Qiming ; Song, Xiao Ping ; Chong, Kwek Yan ; Koh, Lian Pin 
58-Aug-2021Identifying and classifying shrinking cities using long-term continuous night-time light time seriesDong, Baiyu; Ye, Yang; You, Shixue; Zheng, Qiming ; Huang, Lingyan; Zhu, Congmou; Tong, Cheng; Li, Sinan; Li, Yongjun; Wang, Ke
623-Aug-2022Large-scale reforestation can increase water yield and reduce drought risk for water-insecure regions in the Asia-PacificTeo, Hoong Chen ; Raghavan Srivatsan V. ; He, Xiaogang ; Zeng, Zhenzhong; Cheng, Yanyan ; Luo, Xiangzhong ; Lechner, Alex M; Ashfold, Matthew J; Lamba, Aakash; Sreekar Rachakonda ; Zheng, Qiming ; Chen, Anping; Koh, Lian Pin 
72020Mapping and discriminating rural settlements using gaofen-2 images and a fully convolutional networkYe, Z.; Si, B.; Lin, Y.; Zheng, Q. ; Zhou, R.; Huang, L.; Wang, K.
82020Specific bamboo forest extraction and long-term dynamics as revealed by landsat time series stacks and google earth engineYou, S.; Zheng, Q. ; Lin, Y.; Zhu, C.; Li, C.; Deng, J.; Wang, K.