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Ying Xin, Elize Ng
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
123-Oct-2018A striking new species of leaf warbler from the Lesser Sundas as uncovered through morphology and genomicsNg, Nathaniel SR; Prawiradilaga, Dewi M; NG YING XIN, ELIZE ; Suparno; Ashari, Hidayat; Trainor, Colin; Verbelen, Philippe; RHEINDT, FRANK ERWIN 
21-Jan-2019Evidence of genetic connectivity between fragmented pig populations in a tropical urban city-stateKoh, Joshua J-M; RHEINDT, FRANK ERWIN ; NG YING XIN, ELIZE ; WEBB,EDWARD LAYMAN 
318-Jan-2020Fine-scale barriers to connectivity across a fragmented South-East Asian landscape in six songbird speciesCros, E. ; Ng, E.Y.X. ; Oh, R.R.Y.; Tang, Q. ; Benedick, S.; Edwards, D.P.; Tomassi, S.; Irestedt, M.; Ericson, P.G.P.; Rheindt, F.E. 
42019Population genomics of two congeneric Palaearctic shorebirds reveals differential impacts of Quaternary climate oscillations across habitats typesTan, H.Z. ; Ng, E.Y.X. ; Tang, Q. ; Allport, G.A.; Jansen, J.J.F.J.; Tomkovich, P.S.; Rheindt, F.E. 
52019Species delimitation within the Glaucidium brodiei owlet complex using bioacoustic toolsGwee, C.Y. ; Eaton, J.A.; Ng, E.Y.X. ; Rheindt, F.E. 
62020Species limits in the Elegant Pitta (Pitta elegans) complex from Wallacea based on bioacoustic and morphometric analysisYue, A.Y.; Ng, E.Y.X. ; Eaton, J.A.; Rheindt, F.E. 
72020The conservation value of admixed phenotypes in a critically endangered species complexSadanandan, K.R.; Low, G.W. ; Sridharan, S.; Gwee, C.Y. ; Ng, E.Y.X. ; Yuda, P.; Prawiradilaga, D.M.; Lee, J.G.H.; Tritto, A.; Rheindt, F.E.